The Lowdown

January 20, 2007

OK, here is the deal. Perry thought it would be a good idea to swim a minimum of a half mile every day for the month of February. 28 days straight!! It’s a good winter challenge, it would help get our minds off this cruddy weather and give us a great base for the beginning of Tri training which is just around the corner. So, are you up for the challenge? Reply to this post with your name and email to throw your name in the hat. We will create a post for each day and everyone can reply and see who is swimming, maybe partner up for some swims, post workouts, etc. This will be the central spot for our communication.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone else that you think would be interested.



  1. I’m in!

  2. Of course I’m in. Rudy thanks for puttting this together this will be fun.

  3. OK guys – this is crazy, but I’m in, at least for Monday-Saturday. I will try for Sunday’s but I’m a little hesitant to not give myself at least one day off per week.
    What a cool idea!!!

    I’m still unsure exactly how long the Calvin swimming pool is (or the YMCA pool for that matter), but I’m going to assume that it’s 25 YARDS per length, which means that 1/2 mile is 36 lengths (or 18 laps). Does this sound right? I’m assuming that a 25 yard pool is pretty common. I’ll find out on Feb 1st!

  4. here is a link to the Calvin Pool schedule

  5. Ok, I’m in (I think?!) I will be travelling a bit at the end of Feb, so it may be throw off a bit. GREAT idea Perry!

  6. Thanks Rudy. I’m also recruiting others so assuming my sister figures out this complicated schedule (MONTH OF FEB.) it should be a fun time.

  7. Ok, I’m in to the best of my single parenting and unpredictable work abilities allow. Can’t deny that I could use the practice.

    Thanks Rudy for the web site!

  8. I know that I will be able to do 4 days per week….can we do an average over 7 days if we swim more than 1/2 mile each time we swim but we don’t swim everyday?????

  9. I’m in under the Matt Clarin recruiting campaign. It’ll be a nice way to continue the training for the 07 tri season. Rudy, I have done a handful of tris in 06 in Florida, but just moved back to MI in Dec. Any training groups, sites, extra stuff to help me out? Thanks!

  10. Susan, we would like to keep the challenge the same, 28 days of swimming, but If you can’t commit to 7 days a week then you are welcome to state your own challenge or goal and join in the fun.

  11. We are in! But I (adam) may drown each day! But like Rick said its an opportunity to practice and get better. Thanks for the challenge!

  12. here is an address to the Forest Hills Aquatic Center http://www.enjoylearning.com/PoolSch.htm – this may be a good option for some to do a Sunday swim

  13. OK…enough taunting. I am in. The reason I have not signed up prior is that I know I commit to these things and I then either go out of town or something else comes up…and well…you know. No skirt or Nanci comments Rudy!

    Heads up: The Byron Center pool is now part of the YMCA. You can swim there any morning (except sunday) from 5am until 9am. If you are not a member you can swim for about $3 buck a day or for a monthly fee.

    See you in the pool. Bob

  14. So, tomorrow being the first day, anyone interested in meeting at the downtown Y tomorrow morning? 6:30 or so?

  15. Matt: How about 5:30 or so?

  16. Im part of the Matt Clarin crew as well…Im going to try to do it as well…

  17. If you’ll be there at 5:30 I’ll show up.

  18. Alright already….i have come to the game. In my usuall fashion….underprepared, ready for some fun, and donut in hand (no…not a swim donut). I will be utilizing the Grandville YMCA at 5:30 most days. If you are coming later bring me another donut to re-fuel with when i get out of the pool. See you all at Marges…oops..I mean the pool. Great winter challenge Perry and thanks for the website program Mac Daddy

  19. Hey that Nanci sounds like a great person to bring me that donut to re-fuel with….plus i hear she is kinda cute in the skirt

  20. As for me, after 17 years of swimming that much in a week, I say no way!!! For those of you who don’t know the yardage: A half of a mile is 33 lengths where a full mile is 66 lentghs (33 laps) in the swimming world. All pools around here are 25 yards NOT meters.

    I will join up with you all around March, I like to catch people! I will be swimming at the Ford filedhouse if anyone wants to join me.

    Good luck and have fun! If you put your mind to it anything is possible!!

  21. I’m lame, didn’t make it this morning, i’ll have to make it up tonight.

  22. I’ll be downtown tomorrow (Friday morning) around 6am…Nanci, bring your swim skirt!

  23. Did not hear from you Matt…so I stayed home and watched the snow fall. It was so relaxing…..

    Pat…whatyasay we meet up with Sara downtown Friday at 5:30am? Get a little jump on the competition?

  24. Pat, you might want to pick Bob up as he said 5:30 today but was distracted by the snow.

  25. Bob, are you going to be going this evening at 5:30?

  26. Yeah…yeah…

    Turns out Pat is concerned over the snow as well. So we are back at the Visser for a 5am swim.

  27. so does that mean that both of you missed swimming today? Bad way to start the challenge. Maybe you could have your wives walk to the store to get you some ice cream. That would eliminate the need for you being out in the snow, but also strengthen your resolve to be closer to cold things. My 2¢ Haha!


  28. Still on schedule! I have not missed swimming today. I will be in the pool by 7:30pm tonight.

  29. Matt, did you swim at 5:30? What is your email?

  30. 5:45 – clarinm@comcast.net

  31. 20 laps accomplished in 20:20. One day down. (WOW….this ice cream tastes good!)

  32. Bob, be sure to post your workout on the specific day you did them, for this one, it would be Day One.

  33. It’s 4:21am….and I am heading BACK to the pool. Who’s crazy idea was this again?

  34. Rudy..I made my post on correct day. Like alot of people (looks like I am in good company!) I did a double post.

  35. They kick Nanci out of the pool, they believed he farted in it. They told him to come back monday

  36. Bob, I will try again monday to swim. Although I did go at lunch time.

  37. Hey Pat. Sounds good.

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