Day One

February 1, 2007

I am going to create a post for each day and what we’ll do is comment each day with details about our swim. Here is the first one…



  1. Reposting as I orginaly posted in the wrong spot. sorry.
    Started at 5:45 downtown Y and completed 1,000 yards. I’ll vouch for Andy VanDusen. He showed up as I was finishing and a few of us know what an accomplishment it is to see him up before 9:00am. Nice job…

  2. Ok…well i made it thru day one…only 800 yards, but i really havent swam since high school (which wasnt nearly as long ago as it was for Matt). Either way…Day one down! Only 27 more to go.


  3. Day one: completed 1000 yards at the downtown Y. Start at about 6:30 after spin class.

  4. Seeing how this is only the beginning, I figured I had better pace myself! I swam 17 laps (I know, I only need 16 for half a mile, but I probably better swim 17 just in case I miscount!) in 13:45, which is 850 yards. At this point I still am on the 6-days-a-week plan, but good luck to everyone who is going to swim everyday!!!

  5. It’s ok Matt, I posted in the wrong place the first time also! Here goes again…

    Started after spin class at about 7:05 at the Belmont YMCA (someone needs to turn the heat down in that pool!) I didn’t time it today but from the clock on the wall I think it was about 18-20 minutes. Game on!

  6. I did 18 laps at the downtown YMCA this morning. 12:47


  7. Spin class first Perry? That’s a good idea.

  8. Rudy, please add me to the list of fish that will swim 14 miles in a month. I committ pool time 4times per week 1.5 miles three days, and one mile on forth day. I am offering a challenge, who will beat that distance, I guess that equals 22 miles.

  9. Pat…that’s your challenge? Weak. J/K…I swam 3000 at lunch today, that’s just shy of 2 miles. At two miles/day for 28 days….boy that’s a lot more than 22 🙂 But then again I have gills not lungs. Looking forward to it all month long!

  10. I did 500 yards in 7:31 with 1:30 rest and another 500 (easy) in 8:06 all at the Holland Aquatic Center during the noon hour.

    Phil Jones

  11. been busy trying to make ice cream out of all of this fresh snow we have. Its not working out so well so I guess i will have to go to the pool after all. Heading to Visser Y at 7:15 PM to get in my lappers

  12. Well……
    Day one was a flop for this fish out of water!(Adam) I’m behind already. Day one came and went, but Melissa hammered out a 1/2 mile. Im gonna try and drown tomm though.

  13. 02/01/2007 @ 7:25pm – Completed 1000 yards in 20:20. One Day down.

  14. Made it to the pool…got 20 laps in and i will verify Nanci was in the pool for 20 also

  15. I added an additional 800 yards after work today, so i guess it brings my total for the day to 1600 yards…not bad for almost 8 years off.


  16. Knowing there was a swim meet at 5 and I was still in my car at 4:30p, I might – in any other month – just call it an evening, but thanks to “the challenge”, I swam 750 yards at the Y downtown before boys in ties and speedos took over for their competition.

  17. Hey all! Rick and Megan made it to swim yesterday. Both of us were right around 1000 yards:) Keep on swimming!

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