Day Two

February 2, 2007

Good start.. lots of smack talk… lets just keep it above the belt. Keep at it!



  1. Added 850 this morning…2 days strong.


  2. Day two: 1000 yards – same as yesterday

  3. 02/02/2007 @ 5:00am Visser YMCA – Completed 3500 yards in 1:30.

  4. Bob, you swam almost 2 miles today? Pace yourself, eh?

  5. 6:10 am, Downtown YMCA. One mile to make up for the fact that I’ll be gone this weekend, enjoying northern Michigan!

  6. I was just going to do the 1000 with Clint and Pat, then grab breakfast with Pat…but Pat was snowed in this morning….soooo I just stayed in the pool until the Tiger Sharks started. Then they did 2500 yards today. Katie tends to push and…well…you know, I have issues with getting razzzed by a girl.

  7. Alright made it to the Ymca at about 5:15 and got in 3300 yards (making up for yesterday). I’ll vouch for bob and clint today they were their brite eyed and ready to go.

  8. Duh, Rudy…Bob doesn’t know what “pace yourself” means! Especially when he gets beat by girls ALL the time!

  9. I have to admit…2006 was a bad year for that Sara. Isn’t “Pace” a kind of Salsa?

    Anyway, I finished the last 25 yards of my “full” two miles using our bathtub as a pool this afternoon. Which (if you have ever seen my downstairs bathtub) is completly possible. The best part was that I had a cheering section! Both Ryen and Shauna cheered me on the whole way. Whew! What a workout!

  10. After running two miles upstairs, I put in 22 laps (1100 yards) in roughly 30 minutes (I used the clock, not my watch – which I forgot!) at the downtown Y. I think that means that I have one mile in after two days (plus and extra 50 yards which I won’t count towards tomorrow). Since it was mid-morning, there were no boys in briefs today so I got to have the pool mostly to myself – except for my two lovelies at the far end of the pool who were practicing their cannonballs and making it fun for me to watch. Thanks again for the challenge guys – I hope I get to be a better swimmer as a result! 🙂

  11. Matt Clarin and I did the following:
    600 yard warmup
    4x ( 200 yrd swim – 100 yrd kick) (:30 RI)
    200 yrd cool down
    2000 yards

  12. Sounds like you are doing great Rebecca! Great job.

  13. in the pool at 5:02AM. Bob already had a lap in so no Nanci jokes from me today. And yes he did stay in the pool to swim with the Dainty Dolphins swim class. got in my 20 laps and had to meet customers for breakfast and was only 10 minutes late.

    Rebecca….way to go…that is great work…

  14. Gee, almost forgot to post today 🙂 7:45am at the Calvin pool – 16 laps in 13:24. Tomorrow’s gonna be hard to get it all in!

  15. As Rudy indicated, 2000 yards. It was good swim.

  16. I swam 1700 total: 1500 yard in 24:50 and a 200 easy.

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