Day Three

February 3, 2007

Nice job everyone. Keep working at it. If anyone has trouble finding a pool this weekend, post something here. There are several YMCA members that could bring you as a guest. Also, remember to post your workouts comments each day. I am keeping track and will post a weekly update on Sunday nights.



  1. Note: The Byron Center pool has open swim from 12-5 on Saturdays. If anyone needs to go just let me know.

    Hey Rudy…nice job keeping this all together!

  2. I was able to make it into the downtown Y as they were putting up the signs that they were closed for the blizzard…They gave me 45 minutes to change swim and shower…but i got my 800 yards in.

  3. The YMCA pools closed today at noon. East Hills is open from 1-5, MVP sports pool is open as well. I called Calvin and their recording says they are open. I am going to drive by there on the way to East Hills and see if they are indeed open. I will report back later.

  4. Day 3: 1000 yards at the Calvin Pool. Drove around in the snow for a while trying to find a place that was open – went to 3 places before Calvin.

    The Calvin Pool is scheduled to be open until 8:00 PM.

  5. Did 1000 yards at Calvin pool. Swam it non-stop in 13:57.

    Its a great pool!

  6. 900 Yards at Calvin since the YMCA closed early today due to the weather. I estimate it took me 20-22 minutes. I was glad to have Rudy there to give me a few tips and also to be able to use some advice Becca gave me this morning during our run. I love the way my lungs feel after I swim (I have asthma) – I bet it is what normal lungs feel like.

  7. strike one….the Y closing early put a wrench into my swim plan. Hopefully they are open on Sunday and I will get in a mile to offset the missed yards…should i feel guilty for eating ice cream tonight even though i didnt work out?? i didnt think so either….hahhahahahah…stay warm…

  8. Hey all,

    If anyone wants to swim at Calvin College, here is the schedule posted. Updated weekly: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/pe/facilities/

    I swam 16 laps today (1/2 mile) in 13:25 !

  9. I was not able to make it to the Calvin pool today. I was, however, able to blow the equivalent of a pool’s worth of water off my driveway twice today. Does this…in any way…make up for missing my swim?

    Hopefully tomorrow is better.

  10. Just doing my 1000 one day at a time at MVP. I am beginning to think “Duathlon” is not such a bad word.

  11. Nice job Rick!

  12. Fortunately got in at the downtown Y early before closing. My brother Pat and I swam 900 yards plus a five minute eggbeater set for the water polo players out there.

  13. No pools in Holland open today. I am bummed!

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