Day Four

February 4, 2007

This winter weather is going to put your resolve to the test. There were pools open yesterday, you just had to work to find them. The YMCA will not be open today until at least noon. Check back here for details, or if you find something open, post it.



  1. Does it count if you snow blowed your own driveway 2 times , and three neighbors driveway? I was completly drenched so it felt like swimming? Melissa is still on pace, Adam has been sidelined by a back injury. terrible excuses but its the truth! You guys are a bunch of relentless animals, kkeep up the great work. Clint, I’m in your league with the ice cream!

  2. Ok, there’s a 12 car accident at M6 and I96. Probably not the best idea to be out driving, but it makes it that much more fun I suppose. Heading out in about 30 minutes.

  3. 02/04/2007 Portage YMCA @ 12:30 – I was on way back from moving some friends to Kalamazoo and passed the Portage YMCA on Central…so I turned in and put in a quick 1000. The Lord provides! Not sure if I would have been able to get it in otherwise.

    Hey…Nice job Melissa and Adam! I think blowing out the driveway counts. How bad is Adams back?

    And Matt…I agree. This snow certainly adds a “adventure” element to this thing. It’s great! Well done!

  4. 1000 yards at the downtown YMCA. I can feel it in my arms! Yehaw

    Swam with Rebecca and saw Sara & Matt there.

  5. Day 4: Feeling fine accept for my itchy skin. Swam 24 laps at the SE Y – the pool was 84 which sounded nice considering the weather but was may be too warm once I got going

  6. Downtown Y was a busy place which helped to motivate. Managed to get 3000 yards in today and not ready to cheer “Da Bears” to victory. Go Bears!!!

  7. Todays swim:
    500 warm up
    500 – 50 kick / 50 free
    500 Pull
    10 100’s
    500 warm down
    3000 yards

  8. Did 1000 yards at the downtown Y..saw the Malmquists and met Matt. The hot tub felt great afterwards!

    Great Job everyone!

  9. 900 yards (but it could’ve been 950 – I can’t seem to keep track!) at the downtown YMCA. I bought my watch today and I put it on even – but got confused between the buttons and realized I never stopped it when I was getting drinks. At the end, it read 21:02 but I know it’s not quite that much because of those few beverage moments. 🙂 The hip thing that Becca taught me was a little easier today so I did more freestyle than yesterday.

    The February Challenge is a 1/2 mile of swimming every single day of February, no matter what. It seems like that is all that counts. Keep it simple.

  10. Got to the Visser Y today and put in 20 laps…

  11. Swim:
    500 warm up
    500 ladder
    2 x 150’s
    2 x75’s
    50 kick
    300 warm down

    2000 total

  12. forgot to post yesterday…800yards at the Rockford Y…crappy place to swim at busy and warm…stay away if possible or only use as a last resort

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