Day Five

February 5, 2007

Post your swim workout here. Have you noticed that the number of daily posts has steadily declined?



  1. 1650 Meters at the SE YMCA (1.0252625 miles) with Matt

    Snow day, so they were incredibly busy. Plus, the 84º water takes it toll.

  2. Does lounging on the beach in Nicaragua last week count?

    Ha! Just rubbing it in to all my fish-like friends. Enjoy your challenge!

  3. Day 5: Lunch time – I was really not in the mood to swim. Once I got going had a good workout. Downtown Y 1000 yards.

  4. 02-05-2007 @ Visser YMCA 3:30pm – I agree with Perry’s comment…but was still able to get my 1000 yards in.

  5. Is Visser a meters pool similar to SE Y?

  6. 1 mile in today to make up for 1 of the two snow days I had! I will do another mile tomm to get back on track.

    Adam is still on the Disabled List! 😦

  7. 900, at least, yards (I think I lost count again and may have done an extra 50 yards just in case). Actually, my watch read 18:50ish at the end of what I thought was 18 laps and that didn’t seem possible for me, so I did another lap and finished in 20:34. My biggest joy today was being able to swim back and down freestyle without getting freaked out for air – and also being able to bend my arms a little bit more than usual.

    It was fun to run into Perry there and give him a knowing smile that we both had some challenge business to take care of.

  8. 1000 yds at Downtown Y at 5:45 when apparently plenty of other people thought it was a good idea to do a swim! Saw Andy there.

    Man, my shoulders are starting to really feel it!

    For those of you interested, DDH Y has a swim stroke clinic on Mon nights from 6-6:40 for $5. Have to sign up by Friday. I might try it sometime..

  9. had to miss todays swim. Unable to function at 05:00 and had to pick my mom up in Cedar Spings after work. Couldnt get myself to drop my mom off at my house and leave right away to sneak in a swim. I will have to pick up again this Sunday to stay to my 6 days a week commitment. Shoulders are feeling tired….

  10. swam 2000 yards at Holland Aquatic Center.

  11. 800 yards at the downtown Y after work last night.

  12. So I swam 16 laps today and I realized later on that 16 laps does NOT equal 1/2 mile. Oh well. But I swam the 800 it in a blazing 11:30 !!

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