Day Six

February 6, 2007

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.



  1. Day 6: Swam 1200 yards at the downtown Y this morning.

    Andy just happend to be swimming in the lane next to me so we had an opportunity to meet. Nice to meet you Andy.

  2. I made it 900 yards today…was going for 1000, but traffic was slow getting downtown and i didnt have enough time

  3. 1000 yards at the downtown YMCA this morning. Perry kicked it up a notch and added 200 yards. the planted seed is growing. Haha!

  4. In the pool at 5:10 Tuesday morning..20 laps and on with my day….

  5. 02/06/2007 @ Downtown YMCA at 1:30 – 1000 yards. Swam half of them with Pat Carey. Pat was doing a mile 1/2 workout. Nice job Pat!

  6. Day 6: swam 1000 yards easy at the Holland Aquatic Center during the noon hour.

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank Perry in advance for being totally sick of swimming at the end of these 28 days.

  7. 900 yards for sure today – stayed focused with no one else around me except the guy sharing my lane so I know I didn’t lose track. And I know for sure that it took me 22:14.

    I felt like a snail in the water at lap 16, but I kept a (mostly :-D) forward motion and finished it up. I am going to assume this time as my baseline from which (it would be a kick) to improve. The guy I was sharing a lane with kept moving over when he thought I wasn’t near him, so it was hard to get around him a few times, and once I kicked him (on accident, I swear!) – and not being able to watch for his veering ways, I did less freestyle than yesterday. But that was just as well I suppose, because apparently I am getting a little tired! Ah well, my body will catch up with my resolve soon enough, I am sure!

    Thanks again for the idea Perry – and thanks Rudy for bringing it to fruition for the rest of us by creating the blog/a new page each day. It has helped me to stay true to the challenge and I am grateful.

  8. 1200 for me tonight (thanks for stepping it up Perry!) at the DDH Y. I worked with Megan on my form a little bit, so hopefully it makes me a bit more efficient in the water. I’m feeling a bit sore, but at the same time feeling stronger. I am also appreciative of the challenge to keep me in the pool everyday!

    P.S. – For all the women at the pool, please shave your armpits!

  9. 1000 meters at the SE Y. Wow, I was flying. I don’t think anyone in the pool was faster than me tonight. Any chance the oldest person in the pool was probably born in 2000 have anything to do with it?

  10. first off, matt, your are a huge dork.
    Second, did my 1000 yards at the DDH Y right after work. might have done a little more kicking just because it was fun watching the diver who was practicing keep landing smack on his back.

  11. 900 yards (18 laps) this morning, in 15:05. I realized yesterday that I have been swimming only 800 yards (16 laps) which is not actually 1/2 mile!!! Doh! Anyways, I’ll try and make it up later in February.

  12. Okay late entry but at least I swam on Tuesday got only 1300 yards in we’ll see what the rest of the week brings.

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