Day Seven

February 7, 2007

I am going to post a weekly recap after today. Be sure all your workouts are posted.



  1. In the pool again this morning for another 1200. Worked mainly on drills and the what Megan showed me last night. I also had the treat of swimming next to Rebecca! Always nice to see a fellow swim challenger in the water, esp early in the morning…

    Swim on Friends….

  2. 1800 yards at the downtown YMCA today. Spotted Mango in the pool.


  3. 900 yards this morning at 22:12.

    I figured out I can do this from my-door-to-my-door with shower and workout in 1 hour. I pushed it a little this morning and will need to get out of the house a little earlier so I can help Rudy with the kids and the morning routine. I am grateful that even though I couldn’t help this morning, he didn’t complain and he had everyone ready. I am also grateful to know when I will need to get out of the house next Tuesday so I can honor the challenge (that’s the only time I have to swim on Tuesdays)!

    Good to see (a clean-shaven armpit) Sara this morning! 🙂

  4. And he had my morning protein shake ready for me and waiting! I am so glad he’s on my team! 🙂

  5. I managed 1000 yards this morning…im going to try to start increasing a bit since it looks like im the slacker of the group.

  6. I’d like to say how impressed I’m with everyone and specifically those whom have not been swimming regurlary before the start of this. I believe Rebecca and I know Mr. VanDusen fall in this that group. Nice Job!!! Andy, I may need to call your brother, he’ll never believe you’re getting up early to work out.

  7. 02/07/2007 @ 1:30 downtown YMCA – Swam 1250 yards…just so that I would not be outdone by Sara. It’s been a whole seven days now…shouldn’t my belly be going away? What the heck??

  8. 900 yards (18 laps!) this morning in 14:54 – I have been swimming everyday, I just have been lazy in posting!!

  9. Swam: 2 x 500 yards
    1st 500 in 7:53
    2dn 500 in 7:50

    Holland Aquatic Center.

    I did not see any of you there since I do not know any of you.

  10. Cold Water Warning…The Visser Y has a heater problem and the water is expected to be around 70 degrees until Feb. 15. I did not see the little sign on the counter informing members or this and i think my heart stopped when i hit the water….It also has an excess of chemical in it as well. I did get in my 15 laps and then took my shrinkage to the hot shower for awhile….see you downtown in the morning…….

  11. Day 7: Had some extra time this evening so I swam 1700 yards at the downtown Y

  12. Once again, 1000 yards at the downtown Y right after work.

  13. Chalk me up for 1,800 yards at the downtown Y. Started about 7:15 last night.

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