Day Nine

February 9, 2007

Keep it up! We were thinking of getting together at the Downtown YMCA on Sunday at 1pm to swim. Anyone interested?

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  1. Day 9: Same story different day… 1000 yards

    Sunday at 1 works for me.

  2. 900 yards this morning…not sure ill be able to make that, but ill try.

  3. 2000 yards, downtown Y w/ Rudy. Looking forward to Sunday.

  4. as Matt said, 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA at lunchtime. Did the Know Your Numbers cholesterol test afterwards and it said and my numbers were good.
    LDL: 166 HDL:49

    Time for a cheeseburger to celebrate! (maybe some onion rings too)

  5. Ok, now that I have figured out calculate distance in yards, one length 25 yards, two lenghts equal 50. put me down for 2,550 yards downtown Y. 51 laps.

    Thanks Pat C

  6. Downtown Y at 4:30. I did 1200 again. I timed my 1/2 mile at 15:25!! That means that since I’ve started I’ve taken 2 min off my 1/2 mile time. Woohoo!

    I saw Clint there too.

    I’m in for Sunday!

  7. 900 yards in 21:02 at the downtown YMCA at 7:45p! 🙂

  8. Mundelein, IL Community Center Pool at 8:30. 1000 yards.

  9. I should be able to make 1:00 on Sunday.

  10. DDH Y after work. got in my 20 lappers…finally had a day where it felt as if i could maintain that pace all day…

  11. 1000 yards at the HAC

  12. Rudy, would you add 1700 yards to day two. It must have been missed.

    Thanks, Phil

  13. 1100 yards downtown Y

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