Day Ten

February 10, 2007

OK! We are officially past the one third mark. Keep up the good work. Already people are starting to comment on how they are getting faster. Nice job everyone!



  1. 1800 yards at the downtown YMCA with Becky. This was after a 10.6 mile run with Perry & Geoff Shirley. We started the run with the Heart & Sole 5K race in EGR where Perry won his age group. He’s pretty fast for an (almost) old fart.

  2. 1000 yards in the “one” open lane at the Vernon Hills, IL YMCA. I first shared the lane with a 350 pound beginner swimmer who’s arms were so big it was more of a oaring motion as he swam…he was soon replaced with “Father Time” who was interested in floating on his back slowly paddling up and down the lane while making a fountain by spitting water up in the air with his mouth. It was nice to get “into” the pool from the 4 degree weather outside…because the pool was at hot tub Temperatures. Not great for a workout however….

    I miss our GR pools!

    And yes Perry….I believe that Rudy just called you an old Fart. Can we abbreviate that and just call you “fart” for short? Nice job winning you age group!!

  3. 900 yards this morning at the downtown Y.

  4. 900 yards at 21:20, then another 200 yards that I didn’t time. I went to the downtown YMCA with Rudy right after the Heart & Sole 5K so we could get our swim in before we returned home to some sick kids. 😦 Ii am very tired today, but grateful that but for the Grace of God I can swim and run.

  5. Day 10: Easy swim at the SE Y 1050 meters (1148 yards)

    Old fart is as old fart does. 40 is still a few weeks away.

  6. 1000 yds at DDH this afternoon. Saw Clint there. Great job Perry!

    Nice story, Bob. I enjoyed that.

  7. 1200 yard HAC

    good job Perry!

  8. When is your birthday Perry? Again..great job with your win.

  9. DDH Y this afternoon..got in my 20 lappers…way to go Perry….see hard work really does pay off..

  10. 1300 yards downtown Y

  11. 1200 yards, downtown Y. Congrats Perry!

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