Day Eleven

February 11, 2007

Some of us are going to meet at the downtown YMCA today at 1pm for a swim. Anyone interested, please come on down. The DDH lap pool is closed today until noon.



  1. Well, I can finally lift my arms enough to type. Matt & Pat Clarin and I did 4000 yards (2.27 miles) at the downtown YMCA this afternoon. 5000 yards next weekend anyone? It was a blast to have so many swim challenge people in the pool at the same time.

  2. 1000 yards for me today…Bob and I shared a lane for the last bit of my swim…Nice to meet you Bob.

  3. 1000 yards for me today too. Great to meet you to Andy. Andy tried to show me how to do flip turns so I worked on those for awhile…but made zero progress. And hey…can anyone explain why it smells like someone smeared a full baby’s diaper all over the walls in the area between the men and boys locker room and pool? Whew! WOW that’s a head clearer….

    Nice job Matt, Pat & Rudy! I hear that Sara made it over 3000 yards too?

  4. 1000 yards at the HAC

  5. Shot a 21 on Trap and fell to 18 on Skeet. Tyler had a blast with me at the gun club today. Then it was off to the monster trucks…oh wait i was supposed to find time to swim….looks like it will be Monday at 5AM downtown….keep it up all you maniacs…

  6. 900 yards at 21:35, then another 100, to check out the flotation thing that Perry was using sometimes when he was doing freestyle. I have a serious problem getting my legs and freestyle – when I tried it with a flotation device, I improved my time a bunch! 🙂

    No swim challenge meetings next Sunday for us – we have a previous committment for Sunday afternoon (remember Rudy? :-)) We’ll definitely need to find time to fit in 1/2 mile, but not so sure about the kind of time 5000 yards will take on a Sunday. Maybe you madmen can take a two hour lunch on Monday and do it then?

  7. Man – that didn’t make sense up above!

    I meant to say, “…I have a hard time getting my legs to stay up during freestyle….”

  8. yes bob, i know what you mean, i was thinking the same thing about that area, it wreaks!

  9. Bob, not 3000, but 2200 (I’m pretty sure!?). I kinda lost count as I was trying to not play bumper swimming with Perry and Rebecca! I think it was around 2200, maybe more, maybe less. So…just put me down for 2200.

    It was a lot of fun swimming with ya’all!

    Rebecca – that floaty thing is called a “pull buoy” 🙂

  10. Day 11: 1100 yards at the downtown Y

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