Day Twelve

February 12, 2007

Keep up the good work. I will post another update after day 14.



  1. Here’s a link to a website with 50 different swim workouts. After you click on each one there are 2 workouts, a longer workout (around 4000 yards) and a shorter one (around 2000 yards). Just in case anyone wants to mix it up a bit each day.

  2. 800 yards this morning…saw Bob in the locker room again after his spin class. People need to make it in to the Downtown Y for some morning swims, not busy and it would be nice to meet some more of you.

  3. 1000 yards after spin class and a lower back workout with Clint.

    Hey, Nice job Andy! You swim in the morning what days?

    Pat…sweet link! Thanks for posting it.

  4. Day 12: 1100 yards at noon DT Y

  5. Pat Carey.
    Monday a late lunch and 2,650 yards at DDH.

  6. I saw Perry and Pat at the downtown Y this afternoon (my students were out ill, so I could sneak away for an hour without much ado) to do 1000 yards (900 in 21:29, then 100 more in 2:25).

  7. Off to the Y in a bit. Sorry Bob, I spoke w/ Rudy last night and he indicated he wasn’t going to make the spin class and I just assumed you were not either. Try for Wed. still?

  8. 20 laps before work

  9. 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA late afternoon.

  10. 1000 yds for me today. After trying to remotely keep up with everyone yesterday..I hurt today.

    Talked to Bob today and I’m in for the spin and swim on Wed.

    Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming…

  11. Wednesday sounds good Matt. See you there. Show up early…they fill quick.

  12. Posted my entry on the wrong day. 900 yards, downtown Y

  13. 1000 yards downtown after work

  14. No swim yeasterday. My body and mind really needed a rest day. I was feeling like the swimming was not helping. The guilt was killing me last night. I did not like breaking a committment that I made to myself.

  15. I did a whopping 1500 yards straight, which is one of my biggest swims yet. 29 minutes.

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