Day Thirteen

February 13, 2007

Nothing superstitious about this post unless someone decides to swim 1300 yards with a black cat. I hear they don’t like water anyway. You’d get scratched up and I am sure your skin is already reptile-like as it is with all the Chlorine. Enough blather, get out there and SWIM!



  1. Day 13: Today is my attempt to rest no running, no spinning just an easy 1000 yards of swimming this morning at the DDH Y.

  2. 800 yards this morning, i had a side kick with me, and he slowed me down a bit as i was giving him swimming tips…oh well, always nice to have someone to swim with.

  3. 1000 yards at DDH YMCA at 5:30a. 🙂

  4. 45 minute spin class today with Kevin at the Visser YMCA and a lap around the DDH YMCA.

  5. 900 at DDH tonight.

    Swam with Megan – she said she did about 900 too. Saw Rudy and Krister too 🙂

  6. 2300 meters at the SE Y tonight. Planning to force myself out of bed for a spin class tomorrow morning so time for bed.

  7. 2000 yards at the DDH Y. Saw Sara & Megan tonight. Krister swam with me.

  8. Wow, I’m really impressed with how many yards everyone is swimming. Are people running in addition? My mileage has really suffered since I have been swimming every day, but it’s good cross training 🙂

    I swam 1000 yards in 16:40 Tuesday morning

  9. Swam 1000 yards (easy) at HAC. Starting to feel a little more rested after Monday’s day off.

  10. 1100 yards & then lifting after work

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