Day Fourteen

February 14, 2007

“Body does what mind prefers.” – Lenny Krayzelburg



  1. 1800 yards at the DDH YMCA this morning. Hardly a soul in the pool except the old ladies and their water aerobics.

  2. 1000 yards at DDH YMCA at 5:45a and it was actually busy then! I had to share a lane with three others!

    My time was the best yet at 20:46 (for 900 of the yards) and I think it is because I never had to stop to readjust my goggles because my valentine surprised me with a new swim mask in my gym bag this morning! How good it is to be cared for and thought about!

  3. Spin and Swim with Matt and Bob this morning at DDH. Did 1000 yds.

  4. 1200 yards at DDH YMCA this morning – saw Bob, Matt and Andy.

  5. 800 yards at the downtown Y.

  6. 900 yards, DDH just after a spin class w/ Sara and Bob, each of whom make the spin class look much easier than it is.

  7. 1050 yards at the DDH Y this AM. Don’t let Matt fool you…he kicked some butt in the Spin Class and then taught class in the pool. Dude can flat out fly in the water! Did my first successful flip turn today thanks to Matt. Thanks!

  8. Hey, Rudy checkin out the ladies were ya.
    2,750 yards or 55 laps at lunch time.

  9. Ouch! Ha!

  10. 1000 yards at the HAC.

  11. By the way…did anyone notice we’re officially half way through the month! Great job everyone! I’m proposing that on the 28th we all get together to swim and then go celebrate! I might even offer my place…

  12. Sounds like a good time to me Sara!

  13. 1200 yards after work downtown

  14. On Feb. 14th, 1500 yards (1000 in 18 minutes) total at the calvin pool.

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