Day Fifteen

February 15, 2007

We are officially in the second half of our challenge. Its cool to hear about how people can see improvement already.

Check out the Tally up to this point.

here is the complete swim log. let me know if I am missing something.



  1. Good Job Rudy,
    Your tech abilities in updating mileage is excellent. Thanks for you hard work

  2. 1000 yards at teh downtown pool this morning…it was strangly empty today for some reason.

  3. 14.1 miles Rudy. Geez…

    Nice job everyone. Thanks Rudy for the Tally!

  4. 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA this morning. I am sure Andy was there, I have no idea what he looks like though. Like he said, it was almost empty but the old ladies were back. I am a sucka for varicose veins!

  5. 3000 during an early lunch swim. Rudy indirectly asked that I start doing more yards this second half of the month.

  6. Anyone up for spin and swim Friday morning?

  7. Sara, are you thinking downtown? What time is the spin class on Fridays?

  8. 1500 yards again this morning at the Calvin pool. I am starting to feel real good about being the pool every day. Even though I often stop to adjust goggles or for a breath of chlorinated air, I feel more comfortable. What a great idea for a challenge, a February Swim Challenge!

  9. I believe the spin class is at 5:45. See you guys there. Sounds good to me Sara. DDH Y…right?

  10. Yes, DDH at 5:45a.

  11. 1250 yard during lunch at DDH Y.

    I am in for a spin and swim tomorrow morning

  12. 1100 yards in the early afternoon at DDH YMCA (the first 900 in 20:20)!

  13. 1200 after work in the hot tub…I mean pool at Belmont YMCA. The pool is 86 degrees…makes you a little sluggish in the water!

  14. Well after looking at the tally Sheet, I am officially pulling my name from the ranks! I will be claiming Health Issues! Sometimes ya gotta listen to the body, and I wish I had a healthy Ticker (Heart that is) but right now, its time to man up and take a backseat to Life and Family! The Cardiologist is right, and sometimes ya gotta listen…..So Rudy, keep up the phenominal work on the site, and I will comntinue to read, and be in awe of all of you…….while drinking a cold beverage, and eating ding dongs!(Doctors orders of course) Just Kidding, I cant even enjoy those things….Keep Hope alive!

  15. 900 meters at the Southeast Y, damn that pool is warm.

  16. So, technically in yards it’s 984. 🙂

  17. 1000 yards at HAC

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