Day Sixteen

February 16, 2007

We are gonna do a long swim at the DDH YMCA Saturday afternoon at 4pm.
nuff said, go swim!



  1. 1600 yards DDH YMCA after spin class

  2. 4100 yards at the DDH YMCA after Spin class with Sara and Perry. Swam with Matt, Sara, Perry, and Andy today. (and some guy named Chuck) Not Ames…

  3. 900 yards. Bob, 4100 yards? WOW!!! Nice Job.

  4. Yeah…I had some laps to make up. Thanks Matt!

  5. Whoa Bob! Good job!

    I did 1000 yards after spin class this morning with the guys listed above 🙂

  6. 1000 yards at HAC.

  7. 1350 yards at the downtown YMCA this afternoon.

  8. 1000 yards this morning…did 2 500’s straight with about about a 4 minute break in the middle. Felt good to get back to swimming my old high school event.

  9. 1100 yards at DDH YMCA late morning (900 yards in 20:19).

  10. Krister swam 325 yards with me this afternoon! Well done!

  11. 1500 downtown after work.

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