Day Eighteen

February 18, 2007

nearing the home stretch



  1. 2000 yard downtown, saw Rudy there too.

  2. 1250 yards downtown. Met and swam with Bob Visser, son of Johan Visser.

  3. 2000 yards at HAC

  4. 900 yards at DDH YMCA this afternoon. I saw Sara as she was getting done! 🙂

  5. 1000 downtown. Got hit in the head twice by the guy that shared my lane. That was fun.

    I saw Rebecca as she was just starting!

  6. Difficult day finding a pool to swim. I thought that the DDH Y was open latter than 5:30… ended up swimming at East Hills Athletic Club (had to pay $10 to get in). The pool was realy warm, cloudy and full of screaming little kids. Also I got tangled in a hair ball at one point (no joke). Today was more challenge than swim but ended up completing 1000 meters. Really makes ya appreate the pool at DDH YMCA.

  7. 1000 yards…forgot to post yesterday.

  8. 900 yards & water polo

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