Day Nineteen

February 19, 2007

10 days left. How is everyone feeling? Can’t wait for it to end or wondering whats next?



  1. 1000 yards at the downtown Y this morning.

  2. 2000 yards

  3. 950 yards at DDH YMCA this morning (900 in 20:48) at 6:15a.

    I am tired, but I wonder what’s next too! I like the way it feels to know what I’m doing each day for a workout and also I like knowing that there are others out there faithful each day to honor this challenge’s committment.

  4. 12OO yards

  5. 3000 Yards. DDH Y

    -500 warmup
    -200 kick
    -1800 swim
    -300 kick
    -200 swim

  6. Spin -n- Swim Wednesday? Matt? Sara? Perry?

  7. Ok, forgot to enter lastweek friday (2-16-07) yards, 2,550. Today got to the pool at 1:20pm there was absolutely no room.. Apparently someone contaminated the family pool, I guess maybe a floating “baby ruth candy bar.” So there was only three lanes open.

    I’ll make it up tomorrow. Pat

  8. Geez, sorry Pat. I got out at 1pm…and I told the lifeguard not to worry. It was “just” gas…

  9. is anyone interested in the stroke clinic this Thursday at Calvin pool? I would like to be able to tell Becca Hirt how many people are coming.

  10. I am interested in Thursday night. $2 to get in..right? Show at 7?

  11. Becca asked that we be in the pool ready to learn/swim at 7p – so it’d be good to get there early so we can honor her time.

    I’m in! I need it! This will be my first swim lesson ever! Thank God that it’s never too late to learn something new!

  12. 1200 yards at HAC

  13. the body said no today, suffered through 1000 yards after work.

  14. Here’s a fun little story for you. I got to the pool last night to find out that I had misplaced 2 pair of goggles. So, I had to get dressed and go buy a pair, and come back to the pool only to realize that the family pool was still closed at DDH and they had open swim, lap swim and swim lessons going on. Needless to say they kept testing the kids in my lane without saying anything and then eventually had me move when the pool aerobics class started.

    Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated and ended up swimming 2150 yards! It was definitely about the “challenge” last night of getting the swim in!

    I won’t be at spin and swim on Wed, I fly out at 8:30am. No Thurs clinic for me eithee (bummer). Hoping its not going to be too hard to get to the pool while I’m travelling!

  15. 2,400 last night. Experienced the busy downtown pool Sara mentioned. At one point had four people in the lane.

  16. WOW! Nice job Sara and Matt! Way to hang in there.

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