Day Twenty Six

February 26, 2007

Counting it down! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!



  1. 1000 yards this morning at the downtown Y

  2. Forgot to add my data on Friday February 23, 2007.
    3,000 yards at the Visser

  3. 1200 yards at the DDH YMCA in 19:54 (first 900 in 17:59)…but that was with flippers on for 500 of the yards! 🙂 Man, I love those flippers – it makes me go really fast!

  4. 2,500 downtown. 2,000 w/ Rudy then an extra 500 on my own.

  5. 2000 yards downtown – felt better after swimming than before.

  6. 1400 yards downtown at lunch time

  7. Ok now I am official for Monday today. 3,000 yards in DDH Pool.

  8. 3500 yards total:

    1500 at during the lunch hour.

    2000 this evening in my new swimsuit. (I sure needed a new one, my old one was several years old.)

    I think I am addicted to chlorine…

  9. Just 1000 yards after work, needed the energy for dodgeball league!!! (8-1 by the way Monday night!)

  10. 1000 yards last night…had to miss the game to get the yards in.

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