Day Twenty Seven

February 27, 2007

today and tomorrow and then it’s March.

Final swim tomorrow at the downtown YMCA at 6pm, then over to Sara’s for pizza afterwards. Please post to this thread if you are coming to swim and/or pizza so we know how much to order.



  1. 1100 yards this morning at DDH YMCA!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at Sara’s! How good it has been to know that you are all doing this with me!

  2. 2,800 meters at SE Y. Felt good knowing only one day left.

  3. 1,750 yards DDH lunch time. No siting of baby ruth

  4. 1500 yards this morning.

    I’m planning to attend the swim-pizza thing tomorrow

  5. 1400 yards after work downtown, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the pizza thing tomorrow. Thanks again for putting this all together and for me to myself back into some sort of shape. I’m all up for the March challenge if it’s going to happen.

  6. Forgot to mention I’m planning on the pizza party.

  7. 2500 yards at HAC.

    Thanks to Perry and Rudy for coming up with this idea and tracking the yards.

    I have several things to do with the family tomorrow night so I will not be attending the party.

    Look forward to meeting all of you at some events later in the year.

  8. 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA. Ran into Sara and met Andy finally.

    I am planning on Pizza! No olives

  9. Back in the Pool AGAIN! It was a slow start, but I finished up with 3200 yds. Saw Rudy and Andy.

    Great JOB everyone! See ya tomorrow..(some of you!)

  10. Looks like I will be able to make it Wednesday.

  11. 1000 yards this morning for the final swim…im going to keep going though…anybody interested in joining? Not the weekends though.

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