Day Twenty Eight

February 28, 2007

Last day! We are meeting tonight at the downtown YMCA at 6pm and them to Sara’s for pizza afterwards. Great Job everyone! What are your training/racing plans for the season?

Here is an overview recap – detailed one coming tomorrow



  1. 1500 over lunch break

  2. 2350 yards at HAC.


    I think for me I will still plan to do 4-5 days a week in the pool, but making sure I get in some spinning and running. I’ve been lacking in those areas…

  4. 3450 yards at the Downtown YMCA after work. Then 4 slices of pizza and 2 brownies at Sara’s afterwards.

    Who is up for 2 months in a row?

  5. 1700 yards after work – last day and I thought that I would feel relieved to complete the challenge but I’m feeling a little bummed that its over…

    Thanks Rudy for all your work on the website

    Thanks Sara for hosting the pizza party tonight

    Great job everyone! If you didn’t consider yourself a swimmer before the challenge hopfully you do now.

  6. 40 laps – 2000 yards. Holy Moly – that is the longest I ever swam all at once! I did a lot of drills tonight that Becca taught me and those flippers make me able to keep up with the rest of you!

    What a blast – how good it is to see that I was true to the task! That’s an accomplishment! I am grateful that you encouraged me along with your dilligence at carrying your own loads as well. Well done!

    2 months in a row? Are you serious?!?!? 😛

  7. 3,500 yards at DDH after work. All done, I guess. Maybe another month of pressure would be ok.

  8. 2600 yards.

  9. 3450 and it’s over. Thanks Perry for suggesting this and Rudy for the work on the site.

    Had some of the best pizza in a long time at Sara’s after, thank you Sara

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