Finito – Comments – Wrap Up

March 1, 2007

Post your comments here!

What are you up to next? Are you going to keep swimming or mix it up a little bit. Any ideas for the next challenge? What are you most proud of for this one? Is your skin a little dry? Do you know the pool staff too well? How many band-aids did you see floating this last month?

There are a couple people that still need to update their yardage,
but for now, here are the stats: As a group, we swam 233 miles and 270 days.



  1. Im going to continue to swim in the mornings…Just an FYI…the downtown pool closes if there is lightning outside…i was pissed this morning:)

  2. Are you going to post the totals and the people that completed the challenge? That would be cool.

  3. Only complaint I have from swimming so much, my hair has completely turned into straw.
    I’m going to continue to swim but will incorporate my lifting and spinning into it. I think today I will take a day off though. 🙂

  4. I think all of the clorine has made my hair fall out. I was not going bald before

  5. First day off in a month. I’m looking forward to getting back in already. Gonna try to hit the gym every days still, but mix it up like my brother said.

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