Swim Clinics – Rebecca Hirt

January 15, 2008

Rebecca Hirt is an experienced swimmer and swim coach. She swam competitively since age 5 and especially enjoys teaching others how to improve their technique, swim faster, and be confident in the water. The past several years she has focused her efforts on triathlon training, which culminated in the 2007 Ironman Wisconsin where she finished in an incredible 13 hours 45 minutes. Her swim time was a strong 1:09:16 for the 2.4 mile swim, finishing in the top 25% of all swimmers. Her husband Chris learned everything he knows about swimming from Rebecca, and that’s saying a lot. Chris finished the swim portion of the Ironman ( 2.4 miles) in 1:02:27, finishing that leg in the top 10% of the entire field.

Chris and Rebecca Hirt have been a part of the Mars Hill Running Group for 3 years and have enjoyed being a part of such a dedicated community of athletes from all walks of life.

Rebecca has offered to hold personalized swim instruction for up to 4 interested swimmers on various days during the February Swim Challenge. Clinic dates and times are tentative and subject to change based on demand for swim instruction.

  • 4 spots available Thursday, February 14th PM (location flexible)
  • 4 spots available Thursday, February 21st PM (location flexible)
  • 4 spots available Thursday, February 28th PM (location flexible)

Each clinic lasts 45 minutes and costs $8 / person (assuming 4 people). Potential pool locations include the Downtown YMCA, the East GR high school pool, and the MAC. Contact Rebecca at rebecca@hirtfamily.net to reserve your spot for one of the dates above. Spots are limited!Swim clinics will focus on improving your swim technique and swimming confidence. Proper swim technique is complex – get better at the following:

  1. breathing, stroke timing, and body position
  2. body balance and float in the water (don’t be dependent upon a wetsuit!)
  3. tri-specific techniques

If you are interested in one-on-one swim instruction, Rebecca may be available. Email rebecca@hirtfamily.net to inquire.


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  1. Swim golf is a great technique for measuring swim technique efficiency. Here’s the post.


    Nice blog – keep up the good work.

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