Here We Go! – Day One

February 1, 2008

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments



  1. Was at the YMCA early this morning and swam 1800 yards

    600 warmup
    2 – 200 swim x 100 kicks
    2 – 100 swim
    1 – 100 kick
    300 cool down

    I saw Pat’s mustache there and a couple other people, can’t remember names right now.

  2. I was a little over anxious about the start the FSC. Awake at 3:50 and at the DDH Y at 4:50 waiting for the doors to open.

    Swam 1750 yards

  3. I was there bright and early at the Y. I stopped counting the yards at 1100. I think I swam around 1400. Who knows! I just know my arms are sore and this month is going to be killer with my weight lifting challenge. What was I thinking? 🙂

    The highlight of my morning was seeing Smiley and his purple goggles that never touched the water. Do you need goggles when you swim with your head above water? Hey Smiley at least you looked good while putting in those yards! 🙂

  4. Skipped the swim+Big Boy’s b/c this is the first day I actually don’t have to be up at 5. Swam at one at GRCC (aka Ford Pond).

    2 laps kick
    5 laps free
    4 laps back
    5 laps free
    2 laps kick= 18 laps+ 5 min. hard water running w/ belt in diving well.

    Swam with my boardshorts over my tri suit b/c it’s threadbare and didn’t leave much to the imagination to begin with… I need to buy a nylon training suit!

  5. After arriving on time at 5:30 and realizing i left my suits at home. I got back in the water by 5:50 and then my mustache and I did 1000 yards.

  6. 1000 yards for the first day…one down down 28 more to go.

  7. Swam 4000 yards at the Holland Aquatic Center.

  8. Jeez Phil, raising the bar awful high for the first day!

    Nice job everyone!

  9. 2500 yards

  10. 2200 yards

  11. 1600 yards – Nice to see everyone.

  12. 900 yards.

  13. 900 yds at DDHY

  14. 1000 yd swim at Florida Hotel and Conference Center Pool.

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