Day Three

February 3, 2008

How long should you try? Until.Jim Rohn



  1. 2000 yards at the DDH Y

  2. 4000 yards at HAC.

  3. 4000 yards at the wood

  4. 1400 yards at the DDH Y

  5. Ronson and I had to unfortunately swim in a hotel pool for days 1, 2 and 3…managed to get in 1000 each day though. slow start, but that’s ok!

  6. 1650 yards at the Grandville Y.

  7. 1500 yards at DDH Y.

  8. 1400 yards at DDH Y

  9. 1300 yards at the DDHY

  10. 1700 yards at the DDHY. Who are these high yard swimmers? Nice Job everyone…

  11. I’m kind of new to this swimming thing. I did 900 yds. at downtown ymca. Thanks for the swimming tips Rudy. They seemed to help.

  12. 900 DDHY

  13. 1/2 mile @ EGRHS

  14. 1000 yds. Last day in hotel pool oh yeah!

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