Day Four

February 4, 2008

Ability is what you are capable of doing. 
Motivation determines what you do. 
Attitude determines how well you do it. 
Lou Holtz



  1. Remember that dry, itchy skin that was promised at the start of this throw down. Yeah, lets just say it has arrived! My face has turned red and is dry. I also smell like au to chlorine. This should be a fun month. 🙂

    I just swam a quick 1000 at Grandville Y this am.

  2. 2300 yards at the Grandville Y this morning.

  3. 900 DDHY

  4. 1750 yards during lunch at DDH Y

  5. 2000 Yards at the Downtown YMCA. Are we having fun yet?

  6. I did 1000 yds but I still can’t crawl for more than 100 yds at a time. Elapsed time-28.53

  7. 2500 @ Kentwood, My wife always love my chlorine smell after swimming…Not!

  8. finally! not a hotel pool! got a nice 3800 in tonight…pat’s mustache was not with me however.

  9. 900 yards at the Grandville Y

  10. 2000 yards at DDHY with Matt and the stache

  11. 3500 yards at HAC.

  12. 1500 yards at DDHY after work

  13. 2000 yards at DDHY w/ the stache

  14. 1/2 mi. free @ EGRHS @ 15 mins. at 12:30

  15. Forgot to post yesterday. 1400 at Rockford Y

  16. 1400 yds.

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