Day Eight

February 7, 2008

Off to Canada for ice climbing and snowshoeing.  Back Monday!  I will post the weekly tally once I get back, so get your swims posted.



  1. I swam 1500 yards at Grandville Y this morning. It was crowded!!! I did get a nice upper body work out. 400 yards of just pulling. That’s huge for me!

  2. 1500 yards at HAC.

  3. 1000 at WWW YMCA. I forgot how many arm muscles it takes to swim..I think I feel them ALL. Yipes.

  4. 2500 yards, glad I did it in the morning

  5. I did 1000 yds this morning at the DDHY. Yet another pr.(26.11). For me, that’s good.

  6. Got in 1000 at DDHY before the Catholic Central Swim Team kicked me out! They apparently practice everyday at 3:30, oops!

  7. 1500 yards at DDH Y

  8. 2200 yards at DDHY.

  9. 1500 yards at the DDHY after work.

  10. 3000 yards at Grandville Y

  11. 1/4 followed by 50 min. polo

  12. 0, YL Weekend Trip.

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