Day Nine

February 7, 2008


  1. 2500 in Saginaw

  2. Chuck this challenge is to swim every day in February not 29 times sometime during the month. Why are you posting your ninth and ten day swims on the 8th?

  3. It looks like what Chuck meant to enter as the 6th,7th and 8th he posted on the 8th, 9th and 10th.

  4. What Phil said

  5. I got it Chuck

    Swam 1250 meters today at the SE Y

  6. Chuck, us Jones boys need to stick together. I got your back.

    10,000 yards at the HAC.

  7. I got 900 yds in at the DDHY this am. It was crowded.

    Phil, just how long does it take to go 10,000 yards?

  8. I started at 2:23 and finished and 5:11. Here is the workout:

    3000 yards
    2 minutes rest
    2500 yards
    2 minutes rest
    2 minutes rest
    1500 yards
    5-6 minutes rest
    1000 yards

  9. 2200 yards at DDHY again.

    10,000!!?!?! Just thinking of that many yards at once makes me think back to christmas break practices back in high school. Ugh.

  10. 2200 yards at the DDHY with Pat.

  11. 1000 yards at Grandville Y.

  12. 18×50 at EGRHS

  13. 0, YL Weekend Trip.

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