Day Ten

February 7, 2008


  1. 3050 yards, don’t ask me why the extra 50, I was messing around with the age group kids practicing

  2. 2500 Day 1
    3000 Day 2
    3000 Day 3
    2500 Day 4
    2500 Day 5
    2500 Day 6
    2500 Day 7
    3050 Day 8
    4000 Day 9

  3. I did 1000 yards at the DDHY. It was early and I was the only one in the pool.

  4. Not motivated today. I was hoping the pool would close due to the weather, but no such luck.

    1500 yards at HAC.

  5. I had the pool completely to myself. Got a water proof case for my ipod, and swam with it for the 1st time. 5000 yards!

  6. 3700 yards at DDHY. Water-proof ipod case? That’d be nice but I bet I’d end up forgetting every set what yards I’m at. 🙂

  7. I admit it I skipped today. After my crash experiences the last two weeks, I thought it was best that I stay off the roads!!!

  8. 1100 yards at the DDHY…I was also the only one there at that time…its kinda nice, no kids running around and jumping off the diving boards:)

  9. 18×50 at EGR, felt good to shake the cabin fever

  10. Heater in our house stop working today… crisis!
    No time for swimming

  11. 0, YL Weekend Trip.

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