Day Eleven

February 11, 2008

I am back and out of the blizzard.  I will post the weekly tally (Phil, you’re crazy!) sometime tomorrow.



  1. 2000 Yards at the DDH YMCA – the first third was in the “hot tub” as they were adding chemicals to the other pool.

  2. What is the “hot tub”?

  3. The hot tub is their arthritis pool that is a bit shorter (20 yards) and is heated to a lovely 85º — not fun to swim laps in

  4. 1000 yard DDH Y

  5. 2000 yards at Visser Y.

  6. 2250 yards at Visser Y.

  7. I did 1000 yards at the DDHY for another pr. 25.56

  8. just bought a 10 pass EGR punch card. planning on the late night swim after the post-run Starbucks. They’re open 8-10, I shouldn’t need the whole time. Tomorrow is going to be rough…

  9. Kentwood was closed today…I went into the DTY as a guest. I’ll never do that again. Busy Busy Busy. 2500 yards

  10. logged a quick 2000 in gville…that sure beats a whiteout and closed highways!

  11. Rich, good job with the PR.

    4000 yards at HAC.

  12. 1100 yards at the DDHY with Pat before i had to bust out to make it to Pool league.

  13. 1300 yards with andy before pool league.

  14. 1200 @ DDHY.

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