Day Thirteen

February 13, 2008


  1. After JR’s 6800 yards yesterday, I’m ashamed to say I only did 3350 this morning at the Visser Y.

  2. 1500 Yards at Rockford Y. I need to stop going there it minaswell be a hot tub!

  3. 1500 yards at DDH Y at noon

  4. 2000 yards — DDH Y

  5. 4000 yards Davison Athletic Club (Flint)

  6. 4000 yards at HAC.

  7. late swim…3500 yards

  8. 1000 yds at DDHY it’s getting easier. Getting to the pool is still a big pain though.

  9. 2000 yards DDHY

  10. 2100 yards

  11. 1700 yards at the DDHY after work. New drag suit today…looking forward to the swim after work with it.

  12. I did 1000 yards at the DDHY – It’s getting easier

  13. 1000 yards at DDHY

  14. 800 yds @GRCC just before close @ 2

  15. 2000 yards

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