Day Fourteen

February 14, 2008

You know you’re a swimmer when you see nothing wrong in saying
“I’ll show you my breast, if you will show me your fly. “



  1. Love the quote today.

  2. great quote…4100 this morning…does anyone else think the grandville ymca’s pool is over-chlorinated?!?

  3. Awesome quote!!!

    1150 yards at Visser this morning.

    Yes, JR the Visser Y has tons of chemicals!! I am itching as I type this now. My skin is permeating cholrine!!

  4. 3000 Kentwood

  5. 2500 Yards at Visser. After doing my first Spin Class ever and Core class!!!! Big Morning for me!

  6. my skin is about to flake off as well.

    2000 yards at the DDH YMCA

  7. 1500 yards at DDH this afternoon. The Visser Y is ridiculous when it comes to chlorine! My blue suit is now brown after only 3 visits!

  8. I itch all over and my hair is like straw.

    I had a lesson with Rebecca Hirt so I didn’t get any yardage in. I no longer know how to swim. Everything I was doing is wrong.

  9. 2500 yards at HAC.

  10. 1800 yards at the DDHY after work…it was busy.

  11. 1800 yards at DDHY after work

  12. 2000 yards at the DDHY after work

  13. 900 yards at DDHY

  14. 800 worked into polo game at CC + “Speedball”, kind of like aqua rugby–brutal. Also, water running form work.

  15. 2500 yards at Visser Y.

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