Day Fifteen

February 15, 2008

More than halfway there — I hope the skin holds up
Swimming is the only sport where you go from
point A to point A and work like hell to get there.



  1. 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA – the lap pool (Gainey) was closed for the first 2/3 of my workout, I had to swim in the kiddie pool. The aquatic director admitted that the sensor that regulates the chlorine in the pool was broken and that the levels have been high for the week – my skin could have told them that.

  2. 1000 yards at the Visser Y this morning. I still reek of chlorine!

  3. Woohoo! Back in the challenge after a week of being really sick.

    1100 at Wolverine YMCA at lunch. Which..was 85 degrees today.

  4. 3200 yards with Jr this morning at DDHY.
    Nothing like swimming with JR to be reminded that I’m not that fast. 🙂

  5. 1000 yards at DDHY at noon

  6. I swam early (for me) 5:30am. I am trying to swim the way Rebecca Hirt has been teaching me. It’s hard to relearn when you are as old as me. I only went a couple hundred yard in the half hour I was in the pool.

  7. I waited outside of the Kentwood pool this morning @ 5:00am there staff was a hour late…When I finally got in I swam 3000 yards.

  8. 3200 this AM with Pat…you might be faster with the ‘stache 🙂

  9. 2500 yards at HAC.

  10. 1000 Yards at Rockford after class. Pool Temp 86 Degrees

  11. 1200 yards after work…I had to leave fast and get the the hockey game for $1 beers and hot dogs.

  12. 800 yds @DDHY. Saw Perry and Rudy finishing their workouts. A cough came over me after skating downtown. Nasty and achy. Under self-imposed quarintine flag.

  13. 1100 at DDHY

  14. 2000 yards at Visser Y.

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