Reptile Assistance

February 16, 2008

I was reading the posts and I thought I would give my two cents about the skin and hair problems.
you have got to use LOTION when you swim everyday in chlorinated pools.  I recommend making sure you wash the chlorine off with soap, something that is creamy or a liquid (not a bar, unless it is Dove, or goats milk).  Then lightly dry off (not too dry…just pat the skin, no rubbing), immeditately use lotion all over…yes, all over.   Something all natural is good, or Aloe All Over is good too.  Eucerin if you are starting to flake.
Then, if you are really dry, lotion again before you go to bed…this will give your skin protection when you go to get in the water again.  You might feel a little slimy when you get in the water, but I promise the inch goes away.  Finally, this should be the only shower you take this day…no need to shower again, unless you do another hard workout.

For the hair, for everyday swimming you need to use a shampoo that will take out the chlorine, and then use a conditioner…even if you are a guy.  This will prevent the straw problem.

Feel free to post this! I will never forget when I finally ended swimming everyday and my real hair came in that had not been bathed in chlorine every day…it was like I had new hair I never knew I had!  I also had different skin, and I no longer would sweat chlorine!


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