Day Seventeen

February 17, 2008


  1. 2000 yards DDHY

  2. Limped (swimped.??)through minimum laps at EGRHS. Feeling somewhat better now but last night’s Vitales pizza and beer was a little rough.

  3. Missed the charity polar plunge here in EGR by a half hour. Drysuits are a bit awkward, but i think I could manage @50yds if I got all greased up.

  4. I did another bunch of training exercises at the DDHY before church and then rushed home to find it was cancelled.
    Thanks Becca for the advice on what to do about chlorine.

  5. 1804 yards at the Visser YMCA – Saw Ronson & Sarah

  6. found a computer in aruba…1000 yard ocean swim….giddy up

  7. 1500 meters at SE Y

  8. 2500 yards, plus my events at the Masters swim meet. Grand Haven High School. So 2700 yards total. I won 2 of my events!

  9. 1500 yards at the DDHY

  10. Rudy, why the extra 4 yards?

    Great job Chuck! What events did you win and what were the times?

    6000 yards at HAC.

  11. 1250 at Visser Y

  12. it was a meter pool and I just converted it to yards – my training log I keep in yards anyway.

  13. 100 breast 1:16
    50 breast 33.??
    200 medley relay We swam a 1:50

    Not the times I use to swim but they were ok for not being in the water in 18 years.

  14. 2000 yds

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