Day Twenty Six

February 26, 2008

The person on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there



  1. 1500 yards this morning at the DDHY

  2. A quick 1000 yards at noon – that’s all I had time for today

  3. 18×50 at GRCC+ polo+ water run

  4. 2000 Yards at Rockford Y after classes

  5. 2500 yards at HAC.

    Side note: I have peed more this month than ever before (yes, this is probably going to be gross). I think I have developed a bad habit of swallowing the pool water (unintentional).

  6. 2600 yards at DDHY after work. I joined in with the GRCC masters team with Tamara and Susan. They like doing fly….a lot. I don’t. ugh.

  7. Gaylord here, Well it was sit in the hotel or go swim and go CC ski. So 5000 yards at the otsego Sports Plex, and 10 miles on the ski’s. Too bad that part can’t count.

  8. 2000 yards at Visser Y

  9. 4100 this evening….3 more days left everyone!!!

  10. 2000 yards at the DDH YMCA

  11. 1000 yards at Visser Tuesday night.

  12. 1100 yards at Gainey

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