Day Twenty Nine

February 29, 2008

Half of swimming, is 90% mental. 



  1. 1500 yards this morning – FSC 2008 done 🙂

    It was great to see many of you at breakfast.

    Thanks Rudy for your time and work on the web site.

    I had fun and definitely made some improvement in my swimming efficiency. After watching some of you swim this morning it’s obvious that I have A LOT of room to improve. I’m amazed at how efficiently many of you slide through the water (JR – 12 strokes/length!!)

    Looking forward to a great TRI season – Best wishes to everyone in their continued training and health.

  2. 1500 yards this morning also. I realized later that i needed to do 1750 to make my avg for the month 2000yds/day, is it wrong if i got swim just 250 yards later?

  3. 1200 yards this morning.

    I am no where near the swimmer that most of you are, but I just kept plugging away. I look forward to cheering all of you on this tri season. Who knows, you may even see me doing one or two tri’s this year.

  4. 2000 yards this morning at the YMCA – I am going to go for 3 more days to make up for the 3 I lost while in Canada.

  5. I think I pulled both of my shoulders out of their sockets. I also may have gills now. I just did more fly sets then I have done in 15 years. 9500 yards.

    Wish I could have joined you guys this morning but I called the Y and they were very clear in the fact that I have used my 2 guest passes for the year, and I would have to join in order to use the pool this morning. So I swam this morning at my normal cement pond, and again this afternoon at Kentwood also.

  6. 1050 at the HAC.

  7. 1500 yards after work…sorry i didnt join you folks this morning…I was told by a drunk friend that there was 6 inches of snow on the ground and that everything was going to be closed today, so i rolled over and went to bed…guess i should have looked myself, but it was way to early to do something like that. I had fun this session swimming with a few of you and hope to see you more though out this year.

  8. 1650 for our final swim day and a blockbuster of a special at big boy following!

    I’m in for 3 more days to make up for Canada as well.

    For those of you who are “not swimmers”, keep it up and stay consistent through the summer and you will see LARGE improvements in your swim times. Good luck everyone!

  9. 1000 meters this morning at the MAC. I’m like a caveman out there splashing around. I need work on my form.

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