Day One – Here We Go!

February 1, 2009

Failure is the path of least persistence.

If you’re new to the deal, swim your yards (meters if your a Euro) and log them here, under each day’s blog post.  You can use the daily blog posts to encourage (or taunt) other members of the challenge, ask advice, workout options, etc.

Also, if you go to the Grand Rapids Gazelle and log your yardage each week, and complete all 28 days, Gazelle Sports will give you a gift card for $10.  They are also throwing in a $10 gift card for the weekly challenge.  

This weeks challenge is simple: How far out of the way did you go to get in your swim workout

I know that JR has to circle swim the hot tub in Dubuque, Iowa or something crazy later today.  The winner and next weeks challenge will be announced next Sunday. 

Here is the list of participants:

Jeanne Maher
Chris Hirt
Sara Maher
Matt Clarin
Chuck Jones
Pat Clarin
Ben Pickel
Andy VanDuesen
JR Vanderwall
Brad Dykstra
Adam Keith
Rudy Malmquist
Aaron Denton
Ronson Dykstra
Troy Hammond
Heather Kaweck
Brad Smit
Katie Clarin
Rebecca Malmquist
Phil Jones
Sara Maher
Jennifer Crowley


  1. i swam for 27 minutes and 55 seconds without stopping in a 9 yard pool without touching the walls. put me down for the minimum, 850 yards. The Days Inn in Davenport, Iowa has made it’s mark on the 2009 February Swim Challenge:

  2. DDHY was the location, and i started this year with 1400 yards…FYI…the pool doesnt open till 10 on sundays, as Pat, Brad and Katie found out this morning

  3. Day 1 in the books! I just started swimming again this fall after quitting the five-year-old swim team when they outlawed waterwings. I finished the whole half mile.
    My mantra: This will only get easier.

  4. 1800 yards at the Kentwpod Aquatic Center. Ouch! It’s been too long but the pain feels good. Swam with Matt, Chuck, Bob, Sara and my beautiful wife Rebecca.

  5. 1000 at Kentwood Aquatics Center with the crew mentioned above! Thanks to Bob for pushing me on the last couple of laps…ouch!

  6. Fun swim at EK with Chuck, Rudy, Rebecca, Bob and Sara. Now that I think about it, first time in that pool since it was remodeled. Check out our picture.

  7. Apparently the webiste field is not where you place the link. Let’s try this BTW: Did 1,900 yards.

  8. It was fun swimming with everyone. Hope to see everyone again tomorrow morning. Matt will you email me the picture charles3mi@comcast.net

    4500 yards

  9. 1000 yards at Kentwood Aquatic Center with my posse. Good to be back in the pool!

  10. 3550 @HAC. I was able to do my weekly yardage today. This is going to be a fun month.

  11. In the books! There is a tracking board up with the swim gear at Gazelle Sports.

  12. Trying to post the piture one more time. Forgot to mention, 1900 yards.

    Day One - East Kentwood

  13. It’s been a busy day. Got up at 7 am (about 2 hours early for a Sunday) headed down to Pawpaw for a Baptism then lunch at the in-laws. I eat way to much at lunch and had second thoughts of doing this. Got home at 3:30 and was in the Visser Y pool at 4pm. My goal was to just swim the 880 yards needed without throwing up. I felt like I swallowed a soccer ball that was lunch.
    The swim went well for the most part, had to share a lane with one girl then about 4 laps in some high school kid jumps in front of me. I seen him on my flip. The next lap he was heading right for me. Just before we were going to hit I rolled on my side and slammed my fist down on the water in front of his head. I thought that would give him a clue. Nope. The return trip he almost hit me again so I stopped in the middle of the pool and gave him a little talking to about pool edict.
    I ended up having to do this one more time in my set so it slowed me down a little.
    Ended the swim with 1000 yards in 20:23. Not fast but I did not push myself nor did I throw up my lunch..

    One day down….

  14. Ha – good for you Troy! I’m psyched for you to feel what it’s like to be in a pool everyday for 28 days straight…something that you will be grateful for, I am certain. =) It’s hard to feel motivated to get into any kind of water in February…but it is worth it. Tell me if you agree on March 1st.

  15. Swam 1000 yards at Kentwood with Matt, Rudy, Rebecca, Sara, and Chuck. I really need to ask for forgiveness for all the grumbling I did on the way to the pool. It really felt good to get back in the water.

  16. Got up at 8 to swim at the Y.
    The Y doesn’t open till 10, so after then driving to East Lansing to watch the Spartans lose to Penn State. I then drove back and swam 900 yards to realize something…….I’m really out of shape. So here we go……..

  17. Exciting first day see Pat’s post above for my day as well. Swam a rushed 1000 yards after getting back from MSU in order to get done in time to watch the big game! I’m still a proud Spartan though, GO GREEN 🙂

  18. After I met Pat and Katie at the Downtown GR Y to be kicked out because it wasn’t open. I went the the Grandville Y by myself which ended up being a good thing as nobody could see how bad I struggled through 900 yards.

  19. Thanks Bob for letting me know about the challenge at Church today. I may regret it later, but I’m always up for a challenge. After church I rushed to the Wolverine YMCA to get my swim in. I felt good and did 1000 yds. I have been in the pool 2x this year, so this month will be interesting.

  20. (By way of background, can I just say that for all intents and purposes, I learned how to swim last year. My dear friend promised she could teach me to stay afloat. And wonder of wonders, she did and I have really come to love swimming. I can even breathe bilaterally, of which I am very proud, although I have not mastered a flip turn. I’m anxious about the swimming *every day* but excited to try it out.)

    Here’s my Day One: 1200 M.
    SuperBowl Day. Always approaches something of a national holiday in our house, especially when my husband’s beloved Pittsburgh Steelers play. So the day is going to revolve around our plans for the game…

    We agree to go to East Hills where Scott can work out in the cardio area and I will swim while our two kids, age 7 and 5, play in the pool. (They are both solid swimmers.)

    Parents to kids: “Mommy needs to work out, so bring toys or whatever you want to dive for in the pool because once she starts, she won’t be stopping to play until she’s done.”
    Scott: “I”ll meet you in an hour.”
    Jen: “Oh, we will be totally done in an hour. Meet us in the lobby then.”
    Scott: “What about Drew in the locker room?”
    Jen: “He’ll be fine. Don’t worry, we’ll totally be done by then.”

    And we were off. Let me tell you, leaving Mommy alone worked for all of about 150 M and then it was, “Mommy, can you slow down so I can swim with you?”, “Mommy, can you see me?”, “Mommy, see how much faster I can swim with flippers on?”, “Mommy are you done yet?”.

    A change of tactics was in order.

    Instead of straight laps, I assign them to take turns reading the stop clock at the East Hills pool. “I want you to say, ‘go!’ when the red hand is on :60”, I say. And proceed to do 25M and 50M sprints until this loses their interest… and I still have meters to go… and they want to know, “Mommy, can you throw the diving sticks so we can get them?”

    The rest of the swim was l lap swimming with throwing various sinkable pool toys for my bathing beauties.

    Finally, finally! I finish at 1200M and say, “OK, let’s play,” to the kids.
    And no less than 60 seconds later, Scott walks in (after 45 minutes) and says to me, “You’re still in here?”

    That’s Day One for me.

  21. Sorry I saved the “Hats in thr Ring” page as favorite and knew nothing of these day logs. 800 yards total Sunday.

  22. .5 mi.

  23. Hi Swimmers!
    I want to write about the February Swim Challenge for The Rapidian.
    If anyone would like to be interviewed, e mail me at robertafking at gmail.com

    I’m curious about all kinds of things: why you signed up, what it is like to swim this much, what you expect to get from it and how challenging it really is.


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