Day Two

February 1, 2009

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.
Tommy Lasorda



  1. 1000 yards at EK Aquatic Center. Thank you Rudy for waking the house up so I could go!

  2. Got to the Visser Y and in the pool at 6am. Only did 17 laps in 16:41 (two laps were really slow, like 1:24+) so my pace was a little better then yesterday and it works out to be 850 yards for day two.

  3. A little better today than the stupid hotel pool. 3500 at the EK Aquatic Center with Matt Clarin, Chuck, Bob and Becky.

    Ahh, the smell of chlorine in the morning 🙂

  4. Swam with all the peeps again, Matt, J.R., Becky, and Bob. 3200 yards.

  5. 2,200 yards with J.R. and Chuck. Feels good having the swim done by 6am.

  6. 1000 yards with Chuck, J.R., and Rebecca. EKAC

  7. Rode bike to pool in 40 degree weather. Swam 1400 yards at the Duncanville Natatorium. Rode bike to work in 50 degree weather. When I leave work, it will be 60 degrees.

  8. How long are you that are doing the 2000+ in the water for?
    I know I can do the yards, I just don’t have the time to do it. lol

    In my prime last summer I did a High 24 minute mile but damn I thought I was going to die.

  9. 1000 yards at NRMS at lunch time!

  10. 2000 yards at the Wolverine Y after class today

  11. Troy, I’m not a good one to compare to, but I did 3500 today in just under an hour.

  12. At the pace I was going today it would take me around 68 minutes to do the 3500 if I could hold it that not. doubt it..

  13. 2000 yards today at the DDH YMCA just after lunch –
    200 cool down

    Saw Dave Leggett there – I forgot my arms had muscles in certain spots.

  14. 1000 yards at the MAC this morning.

  15. Ok, what have I got myself into. After reading all of the posted blogs for day 2, it is safe to say that I am in over my head literally and figuratively. Talk of 2200, 3200, 3500 yards… in one day. Congrats to all. Remember us little people when you fly by in the pool. If anyone wants to feel like Michael Phelps (pre-bong), feel free to swim a few laps with me. I am good for the ego. 875 yds in about 40 minutes.. I am speed!

  16. Dave I would swim with you..

  17. Okay seriously – it is about getting in the pool EVERYDAY and at a minimum 1/2 mile. I am not fast, cannot do every stroke, and cannot even move myself down a lane with a kickboard unless I have fins on but in this competition we are all equal as long as you get in the pool EVERYDAY. =) No one really cares how fast or even how much longer than 880 (really really).

  18. 2050 yards at HAC. Not much time today. I am coaching Middle School Girls Basketball. Oh man, girls are so much different than boys. It is good to be back in the water.

  19. Swam 1350 yard at the downtown y with Pat and Andy. I think when we did the butterfly I swallowed half the pool and my arms never made it out of the water.

  20. 1000 at EGR with Brad tonight. A bit uncomfortable at first, but pushed through! Great job everyone!!

  21. 1300 after work at DDHY.

  22. 1350 with Pat and Brad at the DDHY. 2 days down!

  23. 2000 yards at the Grandville Y

  24. where’s day 3?

  25. 900 at the Mac this morning, starting to feel a little tired. 🙂
    Hey ladies- how do you protect your hair? I’ve heard of putting conditioner in before your swim cap. Tried it? Like it?

  26. Hey looking for day 3 too! As far as conditioner, I tried putting it on my hair before the swim cap this week and my swim cap kept sliding up, it was annoying. Maybe I used too much conditioner. Sounds like a good concept though!

  27. Day Two: 1600M at East Grand Rapids high school.
    Love this pool, but it’s only open in the early mornings on M, W, F.

  28. 1,000 at EGR pool at a little after 8PM. There were some highschool girls playing polo with a goal in over the bulkhead. I would have asked them to pass around, but I didn’t want to feel like a creeper.

  29. One Kiloyard at EGRHS, only one punch left…

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