Day Four

February 4, 2009

Chlorine is my perfume. 
~Author Unknown



  1. 3,700 at EK. Thanks JR for the motivation.

    400 swim
    3×300 (pull, free, choice)
    3×250 (free, free, choice)
    3×200 (pull, kick, free)
    3×150 (free/back/free, free, free/breast/free)
    3×100 (free, free, choice)
    300 easy

  2. 1100 yards at 6 am at the Visser Y..

    Ok, I’m a dork and very anal about something’s. So being this way I got to thinking last night. If the pool at the Visser Y really is 33 laps per mile then that would mean that the pool is 80 feet long so that would be 26.666 yards per length or 53.333 yards per lap.
    Now if the pool really is 33 laps per mile then the “1100 yards” I did today really is 1173.326 yards.
    I know, it’s not about the distance but hey, that’s 73.326 yards I’m cheating myself out of. lol

    On the other hand if it really is a 25 yard pool then one would need to complete 35.2 laps for a mile or if it’s a 25 meter pool one would have to complete 32.187 laps.

  3. I did a timed half mile this morning so I can track how much improvement comes from this insanity.


    1150 total for today at GRCC – Ford Fieldhouse

  4. I swam 1,200 yards this morning at the EGR pool. I ran into the old lifeguard from Rockford there, I think his name is Mike. I hadn’t seen him in 8 years!

    I am looking forward to polo practice tonight in Zeeland.

  5. 3700 as listed above

  6. in the swimming world, 1650 is considered a mile, even though the technical conversion is 1760 yards. so 33 laps would be a mile in swim standards. 🙂

  7. 900 at the mac with BP this morning before he went to work. Now I’m going back to bed 🙂

  8. 1200 at EKAC. Saw Matt and JR finishing up.

  9. So JR, you’re saying that 33 laps = a mile, then the pool is a little over 25 meters not yards. Sorry, like I said, I’m anal. lol

  10. no, the pool is clearly 25 yards but the swimming world recognizes 1650 as a mile. most important competitions are in meters and they do it correctly. just know you swam 1650 yards and it’s close to a mile.

  11. Troy / J.R., that all said, I do think Visser pool and SE Y are both meter pools, correct?

  12. i’ve never been to the SE Y, but Visser is 25 yards. just feels longer cause it’s shallow-shallow and a very “slow” pool.

  13. Ok you all have me alittle confused but I have had the same thoughts. I think the pool I swim in is 25.5 (perhaps really 25.2) yards. I swam 24 laps, so I think if I was counting that half yard, I swam 1224 yards or anyways, at least a half mile and then some. I swam it in the same time I swam 1000 yards yesterday so I am happy!

  14. For me I like to train for a set distance, if I’m training to run a 25K I’m going to either do the full 25K in training or a little more. So for me that carries over into my swim and bike. If I’m training for a Half Ironman (like I will start in April) I’m going to train up to or past the 1.2 mile swim. So if that swim in that race is setup using GPS then that swim will be 2112 yards not 1980 yards like in the pool (swimming world).

    You would have to know me to understand me. lol I will run until I hit my distance even if it means running around the parking lot a few times at the end of the run. lol

  15. Um, I was told there would be no math!

  16. Visser pool is 25 meters long, or 27.340332
    which technically is 984.25195 inches

    Unless the construction company that built it used industrial grade European tile, then were talking about 984.151267 inches.

    But if you swim on an angle or back and forth a little in your lane, you are going a little further.

    Also, if you push off the wall, then you are not swimming those few feet, so you might need to measure how much you push off over a few times, and then average that out and deduct the distance from your total number of laps, carry the 1 – divide by the square root of π and then you’d have a close estimation.

  17. See Rudy, that’s the way my mind works.. I’ll have to bring some tools and check the thickness of those tiles and see how much I’m pushing off..

  18. 1800 yards at the DDH YMCA
    600y WU
    3x400yard free -200yard kick

  19. 1800 Yards at the DDHY this afternoon.

  20. Troy, the SE YMCA is 25 meters. The Visser (Grandville) YMCA is 25 yards. It’s not that big of a deal but since you are mostly swimming at Visser, if you want to do 1 mile, do 1760…so push off the wall and do 10 yards then stop after your last 50. i went at lunch and measured it because i had always thought the pool was “slow” but not as slow as meters. 25 yards it is. Good luck.

  21. 1000 yds. free at Diddy MCA

    I’ve already left a pair of goggles in the locker room and misplaced my suit. Rocked a drag suit and orange “swedes” today. Don’t know what the contest is for this week, but it sounds like we have a few contenders in the Golden Caliper category. Thanks for the story problems, gents.

  22. JR you are right about that pool being slow. When I was training with the Trizelle group last summer I did a timed mile and pulled a high 24 minutes at this pool I would throw up if I was to break under the 30 minute mark. The timed mile was in the EGRH pool in the diving area.

  23. 1000 yds this morning at the MAC. Salt Water Pools are the best!

  24. 3200 yards

    Today I swam at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor. They are a huge power house in high school swimming. I am finding that if you tell most coaches about our swim challenge they will give you a lane.

  25. 900yds at DDH YMCA this evening.
    I have no idea if anyone reads these blogs in the evening, but as I work at the YMCA I can clarify the pool lengths at each branch.
    SE is a 25 meter, Visser-DDH-Wolverine pools are all 25 yards. DDH Y also has a warm’er’ water pool that is 20yds

  26. Spent another hour 15 minutes in the pool tonight playing water polo. I remember that game being much easier in high school. Maybe 1,500 yards to add to this mornings swim. Now I’m going to bed. Thanks for the fun reading everyone.

  27. Swam 2000 yards with Andy after work at the DDHY, I feel like it’s getting easier finally.

  28. Forgot to enter for yesterday: 1600M at EGR HS pool at 6:00 am.
    I can see some of you are also swimming there in the AM, but I don’t know who you are! Anyways, a cheery hello from me on this virtual space, since I don’t recognize you in person! 🙂

  29. Nice job everyone, don’t forget to log your miles out at Gazelle Sports on 28th street.

  30. 2100 yards after work at the DDHY

  31. Didn’t get to the pool before practice. So I did 300 warmup, then a little over an hour of water polo practice. I’m just going to say I did the minimum of 900 yards for today (even though it was probably more, but no idea what).

  32. 1500 yards at the Visser Y.

  33. Another 1500 at water polo practice…long day, especially when you see Matt Clarin at 5am and 9pm in the same day in a speedo. 🙂

  34. 1050 yards @ HAC….I am just too busy this year.

  35. 1950 yards, finished just in the nick of time to get to work!

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