Day Five

February 5, 2009

Doing is a quantum leap from imagining.
Barbara Sher



  1. 1500 yards at the Visser Y.

  2. 1450 at NRMS!

  3. I pulled back a little today in hopes that the feeling in my arms would come back a little.

    1200 yards at the Downtown YMCA – Cloudy pool today – tasted a little weird too. I know, I’m not supposed to drink the pool water, but sometimes it get in your mouth and you can’t help it.

  4. You’re not supposed to drink the pool water? How else are you going to stay hydrated?

    Could not get out of bed this morning so I’ll get my pool time in tonight.

  5. 1500 Yards at the Wolverine Y this afternoon

  6. 3800 at Kentwood

  7. 900 yards on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and today.

  8. 1000 Yards in the murky/funky depths of the downtown y.

    Quick plug: bike film fest this Saturday 6:30 wealthytheatre.org

  9. I am going to swim at EGR tonight and tomorrow morning for certain, but then I have to go to Flint for school and I don’t get back until around 8PM. I don’t know if my hotel will have a pool!! Anyway I won’t be able to post until at least Monday. I will catch up on the postings then.

  10. 900 yds at DDH Y.
    I didn’t think it was that murky but I am the same guy who thought that swimming a 1/2 mile everyday couldn’t be that hard of a challenge. Joe our Aquatics director is on top of it and getting the chemicals changed to fix it.

  11. 1600 yards at the Natatorium. It looks like our pool is going to close after February due to “budget constraints”. That is, according to the school board 😦

  12. Squeaked in 1000 yards at downtown YMCA between sick kid visit tothe doctor, chiropractor, haircut and science fair. Thanks rudy for callng Dave. Thanks Dave for not yelling at me for talking my way past your receptionist when I couldn’t find you. =)

  13. Got my swim on after work. A nice and relaxing 1650 yards.

    When I got done the girl in the lane next to me says “man you just keep going and going and going”.. lol
    I told her what I was doing and she says “oh the mars hill group, I know them, they tried to get me to do it and I said hell no”..
    Her name is Kattie and she teaches a comp swim class there Thursday nights. I think I may start doing that class. This day after day swim stuff is making me faster but my stroke is going down the crapper.

  14. Squeezed in the minimum — 800 M — before I picked my kids up from school.
    Swam at the MAC and can I just say that the pool water is QUITE salty!

    P.S. EGR high school pool is closed tomorrow — “for construction” FYI if anyone reads this.

  15. Remind me to check the schedule at DDHY from now on, got there at 5:30PM today only to find out there was a CC swim meet. Toughed it out in the 20 yard pool and got in 2300 yards.

  16. Nice Pat!

    Kattie Carpenter I’m guessing: she is the first to say that the swim is her “weakest” link in a triathlon (I don’t follow her, so I’m not sure if that’s even true). That’s why Perry dreamed this thing up in the first place: 1 – to combat winter blues in Michigan and 2 – to make triathletes feel stronger in the water, like they really are swimmers too.

    I miss Perry this year, anyone else?

    And thanks for the heads up Jen – that had been my plan until just now…

  17. And speaking of knowing the meet schedule downtown…my first February swim challenge on 2-1-07:

    I walked into the DDHY at 4:30 and they said that the pool would be closing for a CC swim meet at 5 so I better hurry. Not having decided to actually take the challenge until that afternoon, I only had a way-too-small-so-you-better-only-wear-it-to-the-tanner bikini in my car. I have never ever worn a bikini in public – not even when I was a teenager. I still walked through those doors because I wanted to take that challenge so bad. But to walk in and find out that there was going to be a meet….with spectators beginning to fill the pool deck and all! I thought to myself as I walked through glass hallway between the lobby and aquatic center that if I went through that on day one, I damn well better make sure to get to the pool each and every day the rest of the month to make it matter. =)

  18. 900 for me at the mac this morning- a PR at 22:30

    Ben’s in for 1000 at the mac as well!

  19. I skipped my morning swim to focus on sleep this AM. That may have been a bad decision. I got to the Y as a guest of Lynell to find Matt, Pat and Andy there…and we only had the hot therapy 20 yard pool as an option. I think I lost count. There was a questionable old man doing innappropriate things…so I’m logging 30 minutes. Let’s say 1500. Just guessing.

  20. 3200 @ Kentwood Swam while the pool was “closed”, it pays to have friends.

  21. Pat that is the second time you said the pool was open and it wasn’t. hmm… 2 out of 5 days hmm…

    swam 2000 at visser and glad Pat didn’t talk me into downtown

  22. what is this “mac” pool some of you are swimming in? It’s a salt water pool right? I love those.

  23. 1300 yards at the DDHY in the 20 yard pool…what a pain to count laps at only 20 yards a lap:)

  24. 1550 yards @ HAC.

  25. 1300 yards at DDHY – as others have already mentioned, it was in the 20yard pool.

  26. Correction: 1000 in Visser Pool of DDH Y, due to CC/Wayland swim meet. No goggles, mainly kick, breast and side stroke. Finished with some extra bounding/skipping.

  27. I swam 1600 at the EGR pool.

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