Day Six

February 6, 2009

Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.
David Icke



  1. 3800 this morning at Kentwood….no one else showed up!?!?!

  2. people are aware of your reputation for “spoiling the soup”

  3. you’re probably right rudy. i’d be concerned too in a 100 million gallon pool of a little whiz 🙂

  4. 6:00 am @ MAC
    16 x 100M on 2:30
    (I’m slow)

    FWIW, as of Feb 3 this is the longest stretch of consecutive swim workouts I have ever done.

    Is anyone planning to swim at EGR HS this weekend? When?

  5. 1050 at NRMS!

  6. GRCC this AM…much better experience than last night 🙂

    Where and when are people swimming tomorrow? The GRCC pool is only open for lap swim M-F.

    200 warm up
    200 kick
    200 pull buoy
    6 – 100s on the 2:00
    100 cool down
    1300 total!

  7. Sara I was wondering that too. I wont be able to get the swim in before the run so it will have to be after.
    Anyone up for the swim after the long run? Where? When?

  8. 1250 yards at GRCC.

    Not having a membership to any pools or being a student anywhere is getting tough….

  9. Very quick 1000 yards this afternoon

  10. My usual 900 yds today at DDH YMCA. I had to split it between the two pools today due to getting a late start and the swim team coming in at 3:30pm.
    Rudy, I hope you were able to finish your target yardage as well today.

  11. 1000 yards at the Visser Y tonight.

  12. Swam with the age group swimmers tonight, oh to be young and care free.

    3500 yards

  13. 2500 yards for me tonight after work…its crazy how the pool clears out on a friday night…empty besides myself and two other people at 7 tonight

  14. 850 at DDHY

    Did the minimum as quickly as possible after work before meeting up with my parents.

  15. 1000 at DDH y. still no goggles. some backstroke.

  16. Barely got in 1000 yards at the visser, had to hire a babysitter to get there.

  17. 2550 yards at HAC.

  18. 1100 yards after work at DDHY

  19. 1500 yards at Visser Y.

  20. 900 at the mac

  21. I think I swam 2500 this day, although I forgot to post 😦 This was before I got sick! I was just getting some momentum going!

  22. 1800 Yards at the DDH YMCA

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