Day Seven

February 7, 2009


  1. 4000 yards at DDHY – I love the feeling afer a long workout. I just wish the mental effort to start and finish the workout wasn’t so difficult.

  2. 1000 yards at the EKAC with Chuck, Rudy and Rebecca. Nice to not swim alone for once. 🙂

  3. 1000 at NRMS with mom and pops!

  4. 10×100 free @ downtown Y.
    Ran with the 25k training group at 8 followed by a yoga class to work out the kinks. Finally grabbed some goggles at Gazelle yesterday, TYR “soft-Swedes” (the cheapest, of course) hopefully I won’t lose these before March. Ended with 15 min. water running.

  5. 1000 yds at EKAC after 4 miles by foot on the road with rudy, troy and chuck. Saw JR at the end.

  6. After lifting last night I only did 900 yards today at the Visser Y.

  7. Was that JR that jumped into the lane with Rudy?

    Liked the deeper pool so much better. Even with a bad cramp in my left foot (always happens when I swim after a run)that just would not go away, I still pulled 4 sec per lap faster without trying as hard as I do at the Visser pool.

  8. Got my long swim in for the week….7000 at Kentwood then had Ty in the water for the first time ever!

    Check it out:

  9. 900yds at DDH Y this afternoon. I don’t know how you all do it, but I am impressed. I am physically and mentally exhausted and it has only been one week. As for you guys doing 4000 & 7000 yds that is inconceivable to me right now.

  10. Ditto on the “inconceivable!”.

    Today I ran 6.8 and swam 1000M at the MAC.
    And, man, was I tired!
    For me, a hills workout + swimming 800M on Thursday + swimming 1600M Friday plus what I did today… I am tired!

    Have enjoyed the first week very much and like the challenge.

  11. Lifted then did 2300 yards at DDHY

  12. 1400 yards at the Kentwood Aquatic Center with Becky, Chuck & Troy

  13. OK. I’m in. I swam 1000 tonight and I plan to “make up” for the first 6 days throughout the month. This is crazy, but I love a challenge. Thanks guys!

  14. 950 this morning at NRMS and it was the second time this week Larry joined me! Sara showed up to make it a family affair!

  15. 3200 yards…Swam with Rudy, Troy, Becky, and J.R. Ran this morning, today was a killer day.

  16. We are swimming Sunday at Kentwood at 3:00pm, its $2.75 for anyone that wants to swim. Good group swim time for anyone interested.

  17. I ran 15 miles this morning and then labored through a half mile swim. In the books though. Make sure to get over to Gazelle Sports and record your swims on our board to remain eligible for your gift card when you complete the February Swim Challenge.

  18. 5050 yards at HAC.

  19. 2100 yards before the State game… GO GREEN!

  20. 1500 yards at Visser

  21. Did my swimming while other people were pulling and dragging on me. Three games of water polo at the MSU Tournament. No idea how many yards it equals too but it was a lot.

  22. Oops that last post was meant for Saturday…Today I played one game of polo.

  23. 900 at the mac

  24. 10×100 free
    FYI Water Polo at GRCC on Tuesday @2:15 if anyone wants to check out the “Ford Pond” no experience needed. Katie, you could be the MJ of polo in this group. It’s pretty fun, though.

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