Day Eight

February 8, 2009

Success is determined by how determined you are to succeed.

The winner of the first weeks challenge is JR for circle swimming in a very small hotel pool full of 85º water and his own wiz.  Congrats!

This weeks challenge:  In how many different pools can you swim?  In the event of a tie, I will decide the winner based on weasely you had to get to get in.

Please get your yardage in for last week so I can tally it up for the world to see.  Also, don’t forget to post your yardage on the board at Gazelle Sports on 28th street.  You can win a gift card if you complete all 28 days and post your yardage weekly.



  1. just a short 1300 yards this morning…so far so good.

  2. 1200 M easy at EGR HS

  3. 2550 easy yards @ HAC.

  4. 1500 at EKAC with Rudy, Sara, Chuck, JR, and Matt.

  5. 1500 yards at Visser Y

  6. 1400 at EKAC with Rebecca, Rudy, Chuck, JR and Matt.

  7. An easy 3500 at Kentwood with Matt, Chuck, Becky, Sara and kudos for Rudy hanging with us on the 1000 yard set.

  8. 3100 at Kentwood

  9. 2400 yards at Kentwood Aquatic Center
    1350 yard warm up
    50 yard cool down (ok, it was just to round the yardage

  10. Hey! I also logged my yardage at Gazelle – pretty simple, put your name down and color in the squares for the corresponding day that you swam. Make sure you do this, its worth the $10 gift card. Remember, its not necessarily the yardage here, but the fact that you are swimming every day.

  11. 1200 yards at the Visser Y.
    Felt bad for two girls there. When I got in the pool all lanes had one person other then lane one, that had two very large men swimming in it. I was “picking” a lane and one of those large guys changed lanes to the next lane with a young girl in it. So I jumped into the lane one. Within two laps I was alone, the other large man went to another lane that had only one young girl in it.
    I felt bad for those girls, having these large guys going very slow in the lane (taking up most of it) was really killing their workout.
    But on the plus side, I had the wide lane all to myself. 🙂

  12. Rudy I would post at Gazelle’s but it would cost me more in fuel to drive there every week then the gift card would be. So I wont be posting my yards there.

  13. 900 yds at DDH Y. I applaud all of you who are able to commit and swim each day and also work to get to a pool for those swims. I have taken for granted the access I have to pools that up until now I have not used. If someone is in a bind and can’t get to a pool, please feel free to contact me and if I am working that day I will get you in as my guest.

  14. 4500, I had to swim with the other group after you guys left. My shoulders really hurt tonight. Tomorrow I’m going easy.

    Its fun swimming with the group, and great being in the water everyday.

  15. 900 at the mac

  16. Took it easy today, only 1200 yards.

  17. 1200 at the visser

  18. 5×50 kick
    4×200 pull

    FYI– Water Polo at GRCC on Tuesday @ 2:15 if anyone wants to check out the “Ford Pond” no experience needed. Katie, you could be the MJ of polo in this group. It’s pretty fun, though.

  19. 1000 yards in at the MAC. One week in the books and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m hopeful after the Heart and Sole 5k next weekend to up my swim distance a bit.

  20. I swam 2100 on this day at around 2:30 in the afternoon at EGR.

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