Day Nine

February 9, 2009

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine
The Beatles



  1. 1000 yards at the Visser Y at 6 AM.

    I think my eye sockets are permanently bruised…

  2. Day Nine feelin’ fine! Getting in the pool every day: no problem. It’s getting on the blog to log it every day that i can’t commit to! 🙂
    I’ve been in for 900 every day so far, and just went back and posted on every day.

  3. total junk swim today of 2000 at Kentwood with Matt

  4. 2000 yards at Kentwood with JR. Arms feel like concrete today. Enjoying the month thus far.

  5. 1200 at GRCC this morning. It was a busy morning there. Actually starting to feel improvement in the water!

  6. I will never bitch about swimming every day again.

  7. 1200 yards at Visser Y. Day 9 and still can not see the other end of the pool!

  8. 1800 yards at the DDH YMCA with Legget, Bob & Brother Dave™
    800 yard warm up
    1000 yard swim

  9. 2050 yards @ Zeeland High pool.

  10. 1000 Yards at Wolverine Y. Short recovery swim after a weekend of water polo

  11. 1000 yards at NRMS at lunch!

  12. 900yds at DDH Y this morning with Rudy, Bob, and Dave. Drove over to Gazelle this afternoon to log my swim days on the board. Nice board whoever made it. Someone has artistic abilities.

  13. 1450M at EGR HG this morning.

  14. 1000 yards at Visser YMCA tonight after 8:30p. Yucky water – my eyes still burn and you cannot even see past your wingspan. But glad to be able to get into the water so I can keep my promise. =)

  15. 1000 yards at the MAC early this morning.

  16. 1200 yards at DDHY after work.

  17. I was told by Andy we did 1400 yards, so scratch my last comment.

  18. 1400 yards after work at the DDHY

  19. 1400 at the visser

  20. 3000 yards Brighton High School’s Pool

  21. 1600 yards at 8PM at EGR pool.

  22. 1000 free at DDH Y

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