Day Eleven

February 11, 2009

“Propel, propel, propel your craft softly down liquid solution. Ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, existence is simply illusion.”
Mister Rogers



  1. 1200 yards at the Visser Y this morning

    200 wu
    400 kick with fins
    200 crawl with fins
    200 crawl no fins
    200 cd

  2. 1450 at GRCC this AM.

    A note to all – if you plan to swim at GRCC in the next 2 weeks, be advised that their showers in the pool locker room have no hot water. You have to go to the other locker rooms to shower off! They had some pipes burst.

  3. 1000 at EK

    500 pull
    500 pull

    Easy swim, not very exciting.

  4. I plan on using the water polo practice tonight as my daily swim yards. I figure it has to be around 1500 or so in total.

  5. 1200 yards this morning at the downtown YMCA

  6. 1,650 yards straight, no breaks. 27 minutes. Nice and easy at the Visser Y. I cannot believe how much chlorine they use in that pool.

  7. You are not kidding.. Last night after the run I bitched about how the chlorine was seeping out of my skin. Mitch standing a few feet away said that he could smell it.

  8. 2600 at Kentwood just before lunch…..more to come at water polo practice tonight.

  9. 1000 at EGR pool before the sun woke up: proving to be my favorite place in the city.

    Saw Jen as she was finishing up! =)

  10. 1000 for me, too, at EGR, nice and easy-peasy.
    I can’t actually believe that I can say, “Oh, yeah, 1000 yards… so easy.”
    But it was — v. fun to have a nice relaxed swim.

    FYI: EGR HS is yards, MAC and East Hills are meter pools.

    Rebecca — it was so great to see you, even if only for a second. I felt a nice kinship to all of your fellow feb swim challengers — even if I never see you!

    And Brad at the MAC — I bet we were there yesterday at the same time. I have a pink swimcap. Or a white one with a shamrock. Anyways, hello!

  11. 4500 yards IPFW’s pool in Ft. Wayne, nothing else to do….sit in the hotel or swim. Still raining……

  12. 1050 yards at HAC. I know….Booorrrrrriiinnng.

  13. 1000 at Visser this afternoon. I agree about the chlorine. Its bad!

  14. 300 warmup, then nearly 2 hours of practice. So about 1500 total.

  15. 1400 yard at the DDHY with Brad Dykstra

  16. i’m not a goalie, so i swam more than pat, so i estimate 2000 yards for water polo practice for 2 hours

  17. 900yds at DDH Y last night just before the pool closed.

  18. 1000 DDH Y

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