Day Twelve

February 12, 2009

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t.
Henry Ward Beecher



  1. 1,650 yards this morning at the Visser Y.
    1,000 yd straight
    200 yd. kick
    450 yd straight

  2. 1000 yd at GRCC.

    500 warm up
    100 kick
    100 pull
    300 cool down

  3. 1200 yd at NRMS. I sure wish I knew how all of you keep count. I tried to time myself for 100 yards and then I got all confused in my lap counting. It was stressing me out. I do not exactly know what all of you are saying when you post 2 X 100 2.17, 2.10 etc. So I was curious and timed myself and I just felt like it was an ADD swim, I could not keep track of anything, time, laps etc. So anyways 1200 is the minimum I swam, could have been more but I am not really sure. Then to add to my ADD morning, no showers or bathrooms, could be used at the school, there was a drain clogged somewhere! Geez..I am glad that morning in over!

  4. 1000 at Visser this morning. Getting easier….but my shoulders are tired!!

  5. Jeanne, I use a Timex (Ironman)watch. It has a lap button in the top of it. When I complete a lap I hit the button as I come out of the flip. I can then store it when I’m done. Before I post I page back thru my laps and if any of them are way off (like twice what the average time would be) I know I missed one and can add the extra lap or what ever to the final count.

    The 2×100 @ 2:17 (for what I know it as) is a 100 yard swim in 2:17 time. Or is it in 2 minutes with a 17 sec rest? Ok, forget it, I have no idea. lol

    I’m doing the Comp swim class tonight at the Visser Y so I’ll post my swim tonight.

  6. 2000 yards straight at the DDH Y

    A touch dizzy when I was done

  7. when you say you are doing whatever yardage in a certain time, you can swim it as fast as you want, but your next lap has to start on the 2:00

    so if you are doing 4×100 on the 2:00 you are swimming four 100 yard sets if you can swim 100 yards in 1:45, you get :15 seconds rest before you start the next one. If the next one takes you 1:50, you get 10 seconds rest before the next one.

    Make sense?

  8. What Rudy said — I swim a 100, for example, on 2:15.
    So if I finish early, I get to rest.
    If I don’t, then I slog along…

    Today I swam 1200M at the MAC.
    Also my friend gave me a sample of Kiehl’s (read: expensive) anti-chlorine, super-duper shampoo. I’ll give you a report tomorrow on how it worked.

    And if anyone is interested in swimming at EGR HS over the weekend, let me know.

  9. P.S. I use my watch to count laps, too.
    Or I make a workout up in advance, and put it in a ziploc baggie so it doesn’t get soggy. Then it’s easier for me to know where I am in the workout.

  10. Thanks for all the explanations! Very helpful…..I think I am getting it!

    Jen, what hours is the EGR pool open on the weekends?

  11. 2000 Yards with Matt Downtown tonight. Did some with Andy and Pat too.

  12. My usual 900yds today. I felt good even though I ran right before the workout. Tomorrow I am going for the big 1000yds and upping the ante.

  13. 3000 yards at the Visser Y..

    That is the most I have ever done at one time. What a blast….
    I did the competition swim class with Kattie at 6:45 and then swam the extra after it was done. I felt great other then a bad calf cramp I got on the last of the 100’s. Took a few hundred yards after the class was done to work the kinks out..

    If any of you have a Y membership you should check that class out.

  14. 4200 yards @ Bishop Dwenger High School in Indiana

  15. 1050 yards @HAC.

  16. 2100 yards at the downtown Y

    What is this competition swim class Troy?

  17. It’s at the Visser Y pool on Thursday nights at 6:45. It’s like a spin class only in water.
    We did a warmup, then some kicks, then some pulls, then some free, then 10 25’s, 200 free, 10 25’s, 200 free, 4 100’s and a 200 cooldown. Worked out to like 2300 yards. I then just kept going to get the 3000

  18. squeezed in 1900 right before Byron Center Pool closed at 8:30pm….waste of a swim, but still maintaining the challenge!

  19. 2100 yards at the DDHY part by myself and part with Matt and Katie

  20. Swam 1600 yards at 8:30 PM at EGR pool.

  21. 1000 yards at EGR at 9:30 at night: I hate swimming that late at night. The diving team or the swim team or the water polo team took all the hot water and was blasting teeny-bop music.

    I still did it though – take that February!

  22. 1500 yards at the DDHY after work.

  23. After getting sick on Sunday with the flu, I proceeded to do zero exercise and miss a day of school/work. I finally felt good enough (not great) to get back in the pool. 950 yards at the Duncanville Natatorium.

  24. Got 1200 in at the Visser

  25. 1000 DDH Y

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