Day Thirteen

February 13, 2009

Did you know a young boy drowned here? His name was Jason. He was my son. And today, is his birthday .
Pamela Voorhees



  1. 1200 at GRCC this AM.

    Since starting I have taken 10 seconds off my 100! 🙂 Hard work IS paying off. Great job everyone!!

  2. 1100 at EK

    Nice job Sara!

  3. 2500 at EK….water polo tournament this weekend in chicago should help out my averages for the week

  4. 1050 at NRMS!

  5. Swam with Matt and J.R. at EK. 2500 yards. Sara one again you never stop impressing. Good job!

  6. Playing a water polo game in each of the next three days (two on Sunday) in Chicago. I would just assume about 1500 yards per.

  7. I’ll be doing a long run tomorrow, maybe 10 miles, so if I run thru some puddles can I use that as my 1/2 mile swim?

  8. You can count it as long as those “puddles” are 25 yards/meters long and are painted some sort of caribbean blue with lines on the bottom. No open water swims allowed in Michigan for the swim challenge.

  9. hey if Adam can use water polo then puddles should count.. 🙂
    And I think if one of us was to pull off a true open water swim in Feb. that should count for at least two or three days worth. Hell it will take that long to get the feeling back in your arms.

  10. 1800 yards at the downtown YMCA

  11. 1000 yards at the DDH Y. Went to the visser, got dressed and walked to the pool just to find it closed.
    On the way out to head to the DDH Y I seen the sign on the door saying that the lap pool is closed for repairs till further notice.

    You know, the visser has a metric asston of chorine in it but at least I can see from one end to the other. The DDH pool is just nasty.

  12. 1000 meters at MVP. 5th place in 6 days….but I didn’t have to travel as far as Chuck!

    To Jeanne: I don’t wear a watch. I used to really always forget what I was counting. People told me the watch trick and then I would forget to push the button and halfway down would second-guess myself with that one too…I know someone who moves a coin across the little square tiles of the pool each time they get to the end (I think that would be bad for me to stop each time).

    So I just break it down into chunks. I think that is why some people can be so clear of their workouts: because they break it into smaller chunks and differentiate between the chunks by changing up what they are doing. I do that too. If you only have one stroke, then just break it into smaller numbers and count that number all the way down when you breath in: if I know that I am going to go 20 laps, I count the odd numbers down, the even numbers back, and only count to ten at a time (then do 4 sets of 10). That is the only way that I have ever really been able to keep track.

    And that’s probably why I have absolutely no idea how long it takes me. I’m slow anyways so that’s not really my motivator! =)

  13. Nice quote btw =)

  14. My usual 900yds and I got to see Rudy and Brad.

  15. 1500 yards at the DDHY. I agree with Troy, the pool was WAY cloudy today…not usually like that.

  16. The day was against me from the beginning… it was absolutely the hardest day to get my swim in yet. Was up early to finish a client assignment instead of working, had to work through lunch… “No problem, I’ll swim after work,” I kept thinking… until my staff meeting got moved from 4 to 3, my team decided to take everyone to Founders, my husband decided to go out afterwards and old friends stopped by unexpectedly. The whole time my anxiety is rising, rising, rising…

    Finally made it to EGR HS pool at 8:30 pm. I was THE ONLY ONE THERE.
    Swam 1200 M, showered and went home to bed.

  17. 300 warmup and then a game of polo, 1500 yards total.

  18. i’m allocating 1500 per water polo game, so 1500 additional on this day

  19. Just 1000 yards today at Visser.

  20. 1050 yards @ HAC.

  21. 1000 at the Duncanville Natatorium. This was my second day back, and I actually felt like I could finish the whole thing without being gassed. It’s amazing what a week away will do to you body!

  22. Swam 0 yards, that’s right 0 yards, wish the visser had daycare on friday’s.

  23. 1000 DDH Y

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