Day Fourteen

February 14, 2009

Half way



  1. 1000 yards at the visser. Skipped the run today for work and not feeling well but still did the swim.

  2. 1800 at NRMS!

  3. 900 yds at DDH. Sorry Rudy but I had to swim earlier than planned due to a sick kid or I would have waited and swam with you.

  4. 2000 yards at the DDHY

  5. 1000 at DDHY…almost didn’t get in because I’m not as good at being sneaky as I used to be! =).

    6 pools in 7 days.

  6. 1400 at DDHY with Rudy and Rebecca. Sneaky Sneaky!!

  7. 1250 yards at the DDH YMCA after a long run in the snow this morning. It was all I had to get this swim done. Pool was murky again!

    For the record, I have a temporary membership there – no sneaky sneaky here.

  8. 850 at DDH Y. Today did not feel good. Hope the arms are back for tomorrow.

  9. you know I was thinking about this last night. Why not next year see if the Y would be willing to do a 28 day pass. That’s how Wendy and I got into the Y. We started running with their running group and thus we got into the Y free for a few weeks before we joined.

    On a side note: the DDH is the easiest Y to get into. Just walk thru and when they look at you just say “i’m already checked in”. No one will ask again.

  10. Did 1000 at Visser. Saw Troy there…broke out in hives after swimming which pretty much ruined my V-day evening. Whats up with that!

  11. Swam 1200 at the MAC.

    Highlight of the day is that someone actually asked me for advice. A young woman, getting into swimming, asked me to “read” the workout posted on the whiteboard and then asked me all kinds of questions. Felt like a real pro!

    P.S. Does everyone smell like chlorine all the time, too, or is it that I just THINK I smell like chlorine all the time?

  12. Amy that really sucks, hope it was not to bad.

    Jen I think I’m going to be smelling chlorine until June.

  13. Ok I swam in hotel pools….The Hilton Garden, Embassy Suites, and the Hampton Inn. I wanted to swim in a few places in one day. Since they were all within walking distance from my hotel I was staying. I don’t know how much I swam, I swam for 45 minutes if you total them it was maybe 1500 yards.

  14. 300 warmup again, then a game of polo again, 1500 total.

  15. longer warm up and a game where we destroyed Northern Illinois University…2000 yards

  16. Another 1000 yards day at Visser.

  17. 1050 yards @ HAC.

  18. 500 yards at the Duncanville Natatorium (I only got there with 10 minutes until closing 😦 )

  19. 1500 yards, we crushed NIU and then they got chippy. Very silly thing to do.

  20. 1000 DDHY

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