Day Fifteen

February 15, 2009


  1. Taking the day off because I am still covered in hives! Back at it tomorrow, I hope.

  2. 1600 Yards @ EGR HS — crowded today — diving practice plus lots of swimmers out getting their exercise.

  3. 1050 yards @ Grand Haven High pool.

  4. 1850 yards at EK with Becky, Sara & Matt

    Pretty cool to see scuba divers in the pool. Matt & I swam down to one and wrote hello on their magna doodle.

  5. 1250 at EKAC with rudy, Sara and Matt.

  6. 1800 at EK with Rudy, Rebecca and Matt.

  7. 1300 yards at the Visser Y tonight.

    I don’t know but it must have been “hot mommy hardbody night”.
    Not that I spend my workouts checking people out but it’s hard not to look when you see a bunch of 30 somwthing women with a bunch of kids sporting sixpack abs.

  8. 2100 at EK as mentioned above. Already half done? Nice job everyone.

  9. 4000 at EK during open swim…had to leave before the Matt/Rudy/Sara/Becky crew got there….missed the scuba divers!

  10. 1000 yards swim
    1000 yard pull
    Visser YMCA

  11. 300 warmup, game of water polo where we lost by 2 (good game though), 100 warmdown. Then another game later in the day where we went down 0-3 to start off, then went on a 16-1 run. Ended up winning 17-7.
    All in all I would say about 2500 yards.

  12. 1200 yards at the DDHY, i was feeling a big sluggish after a night of drinking, oh well thats my fault i guess

  13. Swam 800 yards at the visser. Also I got my brother to start swimming with me, so the challenge hopefully has myself and another for next year.

  14. 900yds after an 8 mile run. This getting back into shape thing is tough.

  15. hotel pool….30 minutes maybe 1200 yards

  16. We had two games today (No J.R. !!) so 1500 for each. We lost our first game to United by two goals on a mildy frustrating “illegal entrance” ejection… then we crushed Loyola of Chicago. 3000 for the day in my estimation. Also water polo games and runninthrough puddles are in no way even close to similar.

  17. 1000 DDH Y

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